Hyperlite FlosStyle Budget Build

By cutthenoise on May 08, 2018

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This is my second 5" build, and I decided to make the best quad I could using a few pretty budget pieces (and a few premium ones.) My first 5" was made with some last gen budget parts and I figured I could do a lot better this time around and use a really interesting and flexible 5" frame to do it, the Hyperlite FlosStyle. I think the value and performance of this quad for less than $200 is pretty dang good!

Component Choices:

Hyperlite FlosStyle: Looks to be a nearly perfect evolution of Bob Roogi's Floss frames in a freestyle version. Strong and light, but still lots of options on how to put it together. Shares components and accessories with an already super popular frame (the Floss) and consists of only 3 carbon parts which is amazing. Anyway, I think this frame is pretty special, and its honestly very cheap for a "premium" frame at only $50.
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DYS Samguk 2207 2600kv Motors: These are the current standard so to speak when it comes to budget motors. There are a few other $10 dollar motors out there but these seem to be getting the best results from all that I've seen and read. 2207 seemed like the best choice.

Pyrodrone F4 OSD: Rock solid FC that many are using with great success. Layout it great and has a flat side for a clean build and/or mounting options. As the "brain" of my quad, I decided to go with a premium and reliable FC, but it is still cheaper than a lot of other options. (Running Butterflight.)
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Anniversary Edition Racerstar 25A ESC Board: This is one of the places I saved the most money. Getting this ESC board for only $25 is kind of ridiculous. I've heard they reuse FETs or something like that on these super cheap boards, so I may be asking for issues, but I had to at least give it a try.
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[BROKE AND REMOVED]Aomway TX004 VTX: I thought this would be a cheap and solid vtx that I could mount on the back 20x20 mounting holes. I somehow broke it though....wasn't working well for me anyway, perhaps I just got a dud.

Micro CCD Camera by "Who Cares": Cheap and solid CCD micro cam from Piroflip

Race Wire: I thought this would make for a neat build and give me some flexibility if I ever need to swap or service motors.

I'll be experimenting with various props. I have no idea what I prefer yet.

Build Issues:

The build was a lot tighter than I expected, and I found that my biggest issue was not having the right kind of hardware to mount the main stack at the correct low height for 20mm standoffs. I was able to fix this later when I swapped out the vtx.

The Race Wire made for a neat build, and the addition of 24 solder points wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected. Keep in mind I haven't built many of these yet. I managed to sqeeze a lemonrx receiver up near the front between the stack and cam, which enabled me to run the receiver wires upthrough forever tubes as intended for the frame. I also grabbed a Brain3D gopro mount which is the same one for other Hyperlite frames and works fantastically.
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[UPDATES] I did end up somehow breaking the Aomway vtx, and I was having a hard time getting it to do the correct power output before it died. Hopefully this cheapy Wolfwhoop vtx will work better, and it has the extra benefit of an MMCX connector and well as higher output options.

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I managed to lower my stack and soft mount the FC as well.


Some of my first flights with this build and the vtx issues:

Here's a rundown of why I think this frame is interesting and why I chose it:

Here's some of my build components and issues haha:



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FreeKill998   Jul 09, 2018  

I assume you had to rewire the 8pin cable from the esc to the flight controller?  I only ask because I'm about to do the same electronics

cutthenoise   Jul 11, 2018 

YES! Definitely rewire the harness. I was SUPER careful with that.

Hectic_FPV   May 18, 2018  

Really like seeing good solid budget builds like this, very nice!

deadmoo   May 11, 2018  

Looks great

cutthenoise   May 12, 2018 

Thanks! Flies great too :)

deadmoo   May 12, 2018 

No doubt. Can't wait to fly mine again.

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