Floss 2.1 BeastMode

By tehllama on May 11, 2018

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Yet another budget Hyperlite Floss build. Was targeting maximum performance under $200, and achieved it. This includes a lot of extra nice-to-have fancy bits as well, including an 8-LED panel, and space for 6" propellers.

This is my new standard build. I would not have expected to build something that looks or flies this nice for under $185, but pulled it off.

The variation of this I want to make next is going to be a 1700KV variant of this identical build, which will enable 6S on 5" or running 6" props on 5S. The RCX Motors are really excellent performers, with supplemental capacitors the F4V5 FC/OSD/VTX performs really solidly, and the ZMR ESC is a performance value to be sure - just be mindful when you wire that up, as the wire colors aren't intuitive.

Flight experience has this as the best quad I own (followed closely by other Floss 2.1 builds). The 5050 triblades proved to be a bit too aggressive, so moving back to DAL Cyclone 5046 props was the answer. Really hard to beat the predictability of that feel for racing.

The only thing I wish PiroFlipRC would add is a 4mm bottom plate for those of us running canopies - structurally this setup is extremely sound otherwise, so that would be my preference.

As far as the basic electronics stack - I actually would highly recommend this for somebody looking to achieve extreme performance on a tight budget:
Furibee F4V5 FC/VTX // ZMR 30A 6S 4-in-1 ESC // RCX LS2207 1700KV Motors // Floss 2.1 Frame
With a 1000uF 35V cap on the VBAT rail and a 220uF 25V cap on the 5V rail, everything stays clean and well behaved. Extreme efficiency is possible using a 5S battery on 6", and extreme performance with good disc unloading is possible with 6S batteries and 5" props.



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JC250   Jun 25, 2018  

How are the motors so far?

tehllama   Jun 25, 2018 

Great so far. If I fly conservatively, three and a half minutes is par on this setup. If I'm trying to burn through a battery in ~2min while bouncing off trees, they'll get hot, but the performance is still on point the entire time.
Compared to my ZMX Finx23 and EMAX (RS2205S) motors, these are 90-95% as good for half the price... and the stator size does a lot to help too. 32g is probably the actual weight with wire to reach an ESC, but both quads I have with these fly extremely well.

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