Golden Rooster

By Pimpmykwad on May 06, 2018

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Here is my latest build.... a tough one!!!! The low profile of the Rooster let only tiny place for the stack. I'm really disapointed by the VTX TBS Unify pro III..... It's my first TBS VTX and I think it will be the last!
This VTX is expensive, wire are in plastic !!!! Come on TBS.... for the price you can put silicon wire! The UFL connector is crap as always..... and the performance are not so great! Dont really understand why everybody is in love with this VTX! Try an AKK VTX! More powerful, cheaper (and silicon wire!!!) MMCX connector (the antenna cant plug out!!!) and great performance! I will switch as soon as possible my VTX


the arms are sloopy.... i had to block them with a 3D printing square (cf in the part list for the link): next time I will buy Chameleon (monoframe! )


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The motors are realy nice: powerful and silky.....and so shinny!!! They look so great and perform!


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I tried first, to put the TBS micro receiver on top of the stack.....but the rooster low profile dont allow me! So I decided to put it on the bottom....underneath the stak and the arms..... It was tricky to put it there. Now, it's protected, and I can reach the bind button from the hole underneath the frame! ;-)

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TheDroningReverend   May 16, 2018  

How did you go about fitting in the aio stack? Did you need to make any modifications in order to make it work?

dafunk   May 16, 2018 

From my Rooster experience, as long as your stack is made of 2 chips you dont have to make modifications. Everything is included in the Rooster kit
You will need some extra work and standoffs

  • if you want to fit 3 chips in your stack
  • If you want the Lipo pigtail to go from out from the titanium cage side
dafunk   May 09, 2018  

I don't use TBS Tx, but I think the overprice comes from the fact the signal does not bleed on other channels
This means you can have more racer in the same time in the air without interference

If like me, you go freestyle on you own, it makes no sense to pay the premium.

Be careful with your gopro, the red case you used doesn't seem to have holes for the strap to go into..

I also built a rooster, I called mine the 'Horny Rooster'. I chose the matek Vtx for it

Pimpmykwad   May 09, 2018 

Hi Dafunk,

yeah you re right!!! I'm only now I just use AKK VTX and they are just perfect! And you're right: I'm waiting fo a new gopro case!!! ;-)

GZ   May 06, 2018  

looks sweet! those props are super pitchy for those motors though. good work!

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