MaximusFPV IO95 (baller 2" brushless)

By MaximusFPV on May 13, 2018

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After the success of the Modulus 65 (and buying a domain), I decided to move ahead with MaximusFPV and design a few micro frames. The first thing I wanted was a 2", but not just any 2". I wanted a Maximus 2". I do lots of flying in my front yard which is pretty tight, as well as in playgrounds and things like that, so a 2" was just the right size. I also knew they were awesome after having a BQE Mini Pixel last summer.
So I set off designing one.
After probably half a dozen sketches, I had something I was satisfied with. It combines my favorite parts of a) other frames I had used and b) previous sketches into a compact, lightweight, and durable package. For me, of course, it checks all the boxes: wide slots for battery straps like the AirBlade micro strap, M3 all-metal hardware (Al standoffs and Ti screws), lots of camera choices (large or small AIO or micro board cam), 16x16 or 20x20 stack mounting, 20mm standoffs for tons of space (a friend of mine is planning a Split Mini build), antenna protection, slots of zip ties to hold your battery leads, and of course LOTS of color choices.

If you haven't done a 2", then be aware that they can be tight but they don't have to be quite as tight as mine. I designed it so the arms were just long enough to admit the 4 EMAX Bullet 12A ESCs I had laying around, but I would recommend a 4-in-1 if you're starting from scratch. Very clean, very light, very simple. Mine ended up around 100g AUW which is right about where it should be with a 2S 450mAh, but a 4-in-1 could cut even a bit more off of that. With 4 separate ESCs it also meant I cut my wires pretty darn short, so these motors can't be used on much else unless I lengthen them again. No biggie; this one's here to stay.
Other than that, it's a fairly straightforward build. Supply your own stack hardware (M2 for 16x16 or M3 for 20x20) and you're golden. I chose to use an AIO camera since I have a soft spot for the little buggers, having been around in the days when everyone competed to build the lightest backpack. As great as micro board cams are, these compact AIOs are just so clean and easy, and the ones with OSD wires are so handy.

Obviously I think you should buy this frame but I may be slightly biased. If you do, they're discounted $5 for this preorder session and I have 9 spots, so go snag one quick!

5/14/18: And here's some DVR:

Oh and in case you're wondering, the font is begok v15 and it's a free download:

After some flying and some crashing, I noticed a few things... First of all, I broke the frame on those two side bars where the standoff holes are. I thickened them a couple mm and have had no issues since, so if you order a frame, you'll get the new one. Second, I was getting super hot motors and vibes I couldn't tune out. I messed with filters and PIDs and whatnot for days until Ahren Ciotti (CiottiFPV) mentioned that some people had found the Hulkies to be unbalanced. Sure enough, I put on HQ2x2.5x3 and he was right, cool motors for days. So anyway, if you have Hulkies and they work, great, but be aware that if you change them and start having issues, that's certainly something to check.



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Andre1102   May 19, 2018  

Seem like a pretty good flight. Is that stock tune? My 2 inch with RCX 1103 motors kinda have some wobble to it. I'm using a similar frame, the EyasX2.

MaximusFPV   May 19, 2018 

Thanks! No, I spent a bit of time getting the general tune and even 15 packs later I'm still tweaking little things. I would rtecommend everyone learn tuning early: it's difficult but it pays off bigtime. I have heard someone mention that before. The EYAS X2 is only similar in that it's also a 2" true-X. However, it's smaller, has a different pod design, and has many other noticeable differences. If I were to give you a tune, then, it would be useless.

Andre1102   May 20, 2018 

I was just wondering what kind of range of values are needed as I have built a couple of 5 inchers and this is my first time with a 2 inch and tuning feels a bit different. Great design :)

MaximusFPV   May 20, 2018 

Again, thanks! It actually varies a lot. Some say you lower P and D, some say you raise it... Depends on filters and setup and all that. I use the "Tuning with Stingy" video that's a year old as a baseline, but usually adjust up or down just based on past experience. My P and D usually end up a bit higher. Mine are by no means perfect, either. But I have fun, so why waste more time on it? I'm not a DRL pilot, just a dude with a passion.

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