Grayskull 7'' Cruiser

By UnderDawg on Jun 01, 2018

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This is my take on a 7'' GPS Cruiser. I had intitially planed to use a Futaba receiver ( more range ) but I couldn't fit it cleanly on the narrow rear end. The XM Plus will have to do for now untill I look into crossfire system.

I made a custom mount for the GPS tower using an old carbon fiber motor mount. I've used this mount before and it has worked great and doesn't look half bad either. Anyway I hope y'all like my interpretation of a 7 inch cruiser.


Part List


Geprc Mark2-7 7 Inch 300mm 4mm Arm Carbon Fiber FPV Racing Frame Kit w/ 5V&12V PDB for RC Drone

Flight Controller

Matek F722-STD F7 30x30 Flight Controller w/ 32K Gyro, BFOSD, Barometer (31 builds)


DALRC Engine 32Bit 40A 3-5S 30x30 4in1 ESC w/ BEC (45 builds)


4 x F40 PROII 1600KV Adamantium Grey


Gemfan Flash 7042 Durable 2 Blade (Black) - Set of 4

FPV Camera

Foxeer Predator Mini - Super WDR Flight Cam - Black (103 builds)

FPV Transmitter

AKK FX2-ultimate VTX(N/A for US customer) (23 builds)


ImmersionRC SpiroNet v2 5.8GHz RHCP Stubby Antenna (4 builds)


FrSky XM+ SBUS 2.4GHz Mini ReceiverDefault Title (1323 builds)


FrSky ACCST Taranis Q X7 2.4GHz 16CH Mode 2 Transmitter Blue Orange for RC FPV Racing Drone (198 builds)

HD Camera

Caddx Turtle V2 Mini/Micro FPV Camera / HD DVR 1080P 60 FPS Recorder - Choose Your Color (51 builds)

HD Camera


HD Camera

GoPro Hero5 Session (197 builds)

HD Camera

GoPro HERO5 Session (197 builds)

HD Camera

Quelima SQ12 Mini 1080P FHD DVR Camera 155 Degree FOV Loop-cycle Recording Night Vision (8 builds)

Misc Parts

Cosmos® 100 Pieces Red Color PC Motherboard Screw Insulating Fiber Washers

Misc Parts

Holybro Micro M8N GPS Module (7 builds)
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BRICK FPV   Nov 17, 2019  

WOW!!! Really impressive!

DustyAir   Jun 28, 2019  

I was pretty sure I wanted the crocodile 7" until I saw your build. This thing is BEAUTIFUL. GEPRC is really taking over. TOP NOTCH BUILD!!!

nerdCopter   May 14, 2019  

you have meuliple super clean and killer quads, but this one takes the cake. kudos!

UnderDawg   May 17, 2019 


KryptoSteel24   Dec 25, 2018  

What size battery do you use? How much flight time are you getting? And does it fit well on the top plate?

UnderDawg   Dec 27, 2018 

I'm using a 1500 mAh 4s and get around 7 to 8 min of cruising.

DavidPilot   Oct 20, 2018  

Nice build, curious to know your AUW?

UnderDawg   Oct 21, 2018 

Dry weight witghout HD cam and battery is 446g's

DavidPilot   Oct 22, 2018 

Thanks, that's a reasonably light 7" with GPS.
Do you have any flight footage? Curious to see how the F7 + 32khz handles the vibrations on a 7" setup like this.
Also would definitely reccomend trying HQ 7x3.5x3 V1S props too :)

UnderDawg   Oct 22, 2018 

Sorry, no footage for now. I killed a motor and ESC in a bad crash some time back and haven't taken the time to get her back in the air. when I do I'm going back to Betaflight and 5s.

Algrpi   Aug 29, 2018  

How did you wire gps on the mateksys? Any diagram? Nice quad...

UnderDawg   Aug 29, 2018 

Using the Mateck FC it wasn't that hard, everything is very well labeled. The GPS on the other hand isn't color coded and didn't come with a diagram. I think I got the pinout off a JJRotoGeek video.

Rc Exp   Aug 16, 2018  

are you running it on 5s/6s or just 4s?

UnderDawg   Aug 16, 2018 

For now just 4s

vexxedfpv   Aug 15, 2018  

Nice build man! It really looks great over all! Cant wait to share the 7inch Proto that i am busy building up!

UnderDawg   Aug 15, 2018 

Thanks! I'll keep an eye out for your build.

dobled   Jul 12, 2018  

Great Build, that case is for you gopro session? is made in 3D printer? you have the STL file. Thanks

RicksterDude   Jun 20, 2018  

Awesome looking build! Quick question, this may be a dumb question, but how did you get that design on your frame? PlastiDip? Vinyl?

UnderDawg   Jun 20, 2018 

RicksterDude,Thanks! The frame is hydro-dipped .

Offset   Jun 13, 2018  

Hi there, wondering where you got those red washers? are they just a paper type washer or plastic? thanks for your time, nice build

UnderDawg   Jun 13, 2018 

Hey Offset, I listed the insulating washers in Misc Parts for you.

Offset   Jun 13, 2018 

thanks dood, appreciate your time

Offset   Jun 13, 2018 

shit, you know I thought those looked like those washers you use to get with 5.25" DVD/CDRW drives back in the day, its awful the price they soak you for bloody paper washers. greedy bastards Oy

lazd   Jun 04, 2018  

Uhg, those props have so much jello :( I had to switch to HQ V1S 7x3.5x3, those were jello free!

UnderDawg   Jun 04, 2018 

10-4!! Everyone has been out.. I finally got some HQ's ordered about 2AM this morning..

Reviewedge   Jun 04, 2018  

Can't wait to see flight some vids.

oTOADIEo   Jun 04, 2018  

VERY EF'N NICE!!!!! Did you get the compass hooked up on that Holybro?

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UnderDawg   Jun 04, 2018 

Yes, default for now. Not really. Just some hovering in the back yard trying out position hold.

oTOADIEo   Jun 04, 2018 

Was it able to hold position well?

UnderDawg   Jun 04, 2018 

I think she did fairly well. Just as well as any of my Naza units have in the same location

Pimpmykwad   Jun 02, 2018  

how does it fly??? no oscillations???

UnderDawg   Jun 02, 2018 

Other than a backyard hover I haven't had a chance to do any real testing. I'll be out of town most of the weekend looking at jobs, so maybe late Sunday I can get her up in the air.

Pimpmykwad   Jun 02, 2018  

niiiiccceeee!!!!! ;-)

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