TomoQuads Kamikaze 3" Lightweight Build

By cutthenoise on May 14, 2018

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New 3" Micro Quad build with some lighter parts than the heavier 14xx and 15xx setups. Flies amazing on a stock butterflight tune, but there is still some propwash that could be tuned out. I really like this TomoQuads frame. Very simple design, bears some similarities to something like the Hyperlite Tooth Fairy. The Kamikaze comes with some 3D printed parts which are very nice and the carbon seems top notch. These 1304 RCX motors seem solid, but they are getting warm on 4S with these 3" props. Not sure if I can do anything about that or not, but I'm really enjoying the way it flies right now. Easily my best flying micro to date. Need some better spaces to fly this guy in besides my yard and neighborhood!

I really like the Monster Micro Pro, but my ultimate goal with this build is to try to squeeze in a runcam split mini. Will likely be updating this build and page as I go.


Sign in to comment   Jun 02, 2018  

nice!  you in the pnw?

cutthenoise   Jun 04, 2018 

Yeah I'm way out in Port Angeles.

volitant   May 15, 2018  

great build! I think these motors perform great even on 3s, if you still want to run 4s you could limit your max throttle to say 85-90% to reduce the heat a little

cutthenoise   May 15, 2018 

Good call I was actually thinking about that! I actually don't have any 3S batteries yet, but I'd like to try on 3S as well as the reduced max throttle thing too. I think I can just do that on my radio....

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