Neato Widowback Rebuild - Odette

By FeeferFPV on Jun 04, 2018

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Rebuilding the Widowback! This was a fun build, trying to make a racing capable V-tail. It came out way prettier and faster than expected.



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Koray__   Jun 07, 2018  

Where did you get that frame?

Slarrty   Jun 04, 2018  

When you set that quad up on betaflight, do you have to do anything special because of the angle of the motors in the back? And does it fly differently?

FeeferFPV   Jun 05, 2018 

It does fly very differently. It is a very swoopy quadcopter so to speak. The roll and yaw also feel very different as you have to adjust both if you want to do a perfect roll or a perfect yaw. It is a different feel but fery fun. You also need to lower the camera angle as when you get it to high, you will be throttling up and moving downward instead of up. I highly reccomend trying it. The otnly setup you need to do is tell Betaflight that it is a V-Tail.

Slarrty   Jun 06, 2018 

Thanks, im gunna look into that

Sasquads   Jun 04, 2018  

That's a beauty. What angle are the back motors in? 30 degrees?
One to have for sure.

FeeferFPV   Jun 05, 2018 

Not quite sure on the angle. I think it is around 30 degrees!

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