Hyperlow CG

By fmcprogrmr on May 24, 2018

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Got the building itch again and thought it is time to build a new quad. Saw a video about the Hyperlow CG frame on youtube and instantly knew that I have to have one too. It is a very well made frame. My Hyperlow is actually a Hyperhigh becasue I raised the top plate by 18mm to fit all my gear the way I wanted. Since I am no racer and enjoy building a bit more than flying, I figurerd I don't need it that low lol. I am also very happy with the Kakute F4 V2 and Tekko 32 4in1 ESC combo, which performes great so far. Got the DJI motors on sale for $9.99 each and 15 prop sets of four for $1.99. Love those motors. The bearings last a very long time in these and the performanc isn't bad.



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JordanBlue.fpv   Aug 05, 2018  

I am working on my first build with the Hyperlow CG... I like your build and there is a couple of things that stand out... the antenna mounting and the plate the battery connector mount is on... where can I find those?

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Audacity   Jan 14, 2019 

I'm working on a Hyperlow CG build myself, I love the way you mounted your XT-60. I found and purchased the Rakonheli mount, however, I can't find the silver plate you installed the Rakon mount on. Where can I find that plate?

fmcprogrmr   Jan 15, 2019 

Hi Audacity, I cut the silver plate myself out of a aluminum sheet I purchased from a hobbystore. It's .8mm thick and easy to work with. Can be cut with household scissors and the edges smoothed out with sand paper, then drill four holes for the mounting screws with a dremel or similar.

Audacity   Jan 16, 2019 

Thanks! Would have never thought of that.

deltrum   Aug 16, 2018  

Hi, love this build. I am doing something similar for a long range rig. Out of curiosity, what are the length of those stand-offs ? Also, did you use different height standoffs at the front ?

Currently   May 25, 2018  

Hyperhigh is right lol. :) How are the dji motors and props? I haven't seen them before.

fmcprogrmr   May 25, 2018 

They are great. The perfomance is amazing. There are DJI 30A racing ESC's as well, but they come with a proprietary firmware, which is a little buggy so I stayed away from them.

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