By DresdenFPV on May 25, 2018

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Stack comes with everything (FC, PDB, ESC, VTX, RX), Runcam Split 2 does both FPV and HD-Recording

Motors are GEPRC SpeedX GR1408 (couldn't find those)

Weight comes in at 188g, currently tested with only 3s battery (to stay below 250g), but 4s should be no problem at all.


for more details



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DresdenFPV   Jun 02, 2018  

Results are in!

did some LOS flights with Quadimoto

with huge, heavy weight 3s 1400mAh: 5min (bought for different quad)
tiny 4s 450mAh - 3min 20sec (needs tuning!)
and 3s 550mAh - 3min 40sec

didn't expect so long times on smaller batteries - so the large ones that I used until today are even worse than expected

DresdenFPV   Jun 02, 2018 

here the batteries

DresdenFPV   Oct 08, 2018 

now I'm pretty much only using 4s 650mAh 75C packs

they are the best tradeoff when it comes to weight, capacity and amperage - smaller and the motors just suck them dry in the first punch, bigger and they become too heavy.

DresdenFPV   Oct 08, 2018  

baseplate now broke in a crash - it was the first thing (after props and battery strap) - so I don't think my hackish approach was that bad.

Now looking for a better fitting replacement frame.

CaptainFalcon   May 25, 2018  

If you take a link of the motor you purchased and paste it in to the motor line it will auto populate and put the name/price in there for you.

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CaptainFalcon   May 29, 2018 
DresdenFPV   May 29, 2018 

oh, you're right and now I feel incredibly stupid

CaptainFalcon   May 29, 2018 

No worries! It took me some time to figure out how building on the site works! I still struggle modifying stuff and posting pictures the right way

DresdenFPV   May 29, 2018  
DresdenFPV   May 25, 2018  

in the end it was both a lot cheaper and more expensive than this calculation says.

cheaper because I got each part for less - so all parts combined it's about 220€

more expensive because I tried a lot different parts, swapped them out and reasembled with other parts - ordering 3 FC-Boards instead of one tends to increase the price a bit.

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