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By Minichado on Jun 07, 2018

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Had to update all my quads for the season to be ready for turtle mode!!! Shark fin is growing on me. doubles as a vtx antenna mounting location. Also made a few modifications to make my life easier afer living with my previous pod design for 6-8 months.

access to vtx was very difficult. because of my lazy vtx mounting design (just a hole) I have to remove the pigtail every time I want to get into the pod. UFL connectors get very mad after a few applications of on off. also closing it up always took tweezers. Another change I am trying on this setup is to attach the entire video system to the pod (antenna/vtx/cam) where previously the vtx was attached to the stack. this gives me one servo connector to remove the entire pod and FPV system, instantly making the rig headless for ease of service and also for use as a pretty sick looking LOS stretch X warpquad!

on this go round, I used softer shore hardness TPU, and adde more holes in the pod, for better tweezing access!! I also swapped from runcam micro swift 2.3mm to runcam micro sparrow 2.1. While I do not particularly like the wider FOV, the higher image quality was worth the change so I have adjusted back, to 2.1 wide angle. if they ever make a 2.3mm lens for the micro sparrow I may go back to that FOV. I liked flying 'less is more' visibility :D

As an added bonus, the shorter runcam sparrow lense is completely protected by the pod, and does not stick out (this is really what cemented my decision to switch)

I did modify the side to give me USB access without removing the pod, but this caused issues in printing. so moving to the softer material allows me to just bend it out of the way and plug into USB as needed for quick changes.

I also went from running a bolt from underneath carbon and threading it into the soft tpu (lol) to actually running the bolts through the tpu then using lock nuts underneath. so it's actually for real attached now. before it wasn't. and it flew great. lolololol. more on that later.

I have finally, after frying components, having fit issues, and other issues, solidly landed on an ESC that I like. the lumenier 35amp while it provided overhead on current draw was way to large for this (hell most) frames. the RTFQ stuff failed quickly and miserably . Spedix 30amp 4-1 I have used now on 4 builds with zero issues. so it's my new standard.

The Bolt motors are light, and when they fly they absolutel screeeam!! but the two bolt connection is their biggest failure. the aluminum is fairly soft and after not too many, not too bad crashes I found myself replacing a motor. or using locktite. or tapping out the hole for larger screws. durablity is an issue. So I swapped to BH R4 2206 2450kv (RDQ branded) as my go to motor. added bonus, it looks sick in that deep dark blue!

I am continuing to stick with xm+ receivers, but in this particular instance I happened to have an RXSR on the bench, so I threw it in there. no difference in functionality from my perspective.

Things I am not changing include:

  • FC (F3 is adequate). I also am not using betaflight OSD but cam OSD with voltage is adequate for my needs.
  • wires under the arms. I could go racewire, but for my setup I gain no benefit
  • xm+ receivers. no telemetry needed for 300ft of flying
  • I am sticking with CNHL for now but I am considering swapping to the cube shaped R'line. the only non'aero part of this design is the battery sticking out 1.5 inches at the base of the pod when installed



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