Schnapp Dragon V2 under 250gr AUW

By Kruizen on May 29, 2018

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Schnapp Dragon V2 - as featured on Joshua Bardwell's channel:

Using rcINpower 1506 motors that put out over 1kg+ of thrust on 5x3x3:

This is an incredible quad with a very unique feel.
BIG NOTE: The Gemfan 5x3x3 props are CRAP and are way too flexible to use for this amount of power.
Now using HQ 4x4.3x3 props.

This frame ROCKS for these little motors. The slots in the arms fit the M2 screws perfectly. With my motors at 17.8gr (including full wires +0.4gr w/ prop nut), this frame and arms seem to be industructible - don't bother getting the arm braces. I know others probably wonder about this new frame so I weighed every carbon part:

top plate = 3.33gr
center plate = 3.67gr
base plate = 3.41gr
4x 5” arms = 25.4
4x 6” arms = 29gr (I also ordered a 6" frame as well)

5” arms + plates + steel screws + nuts (no top plate or standoffs): 36.84gr

camera TPU = 3gr
AXII TPU = 1.7-2gr (the weights of the two I bought)

My build: 5” built w/ 1507 + GF 5x3x3 + AIO cam + HGLRC F425 + 1000uF cap + XM+ = 161.2gr w/o battery
I'm using the Piroflip 4S 700mAh batteries at ~85 grams to stay under 250grams. I could switch to XT30 connectors to save 4-5 grams (which would allow for a runcam swift + vtx + axii - that said, the listed AIO camera is amazingly good). On the HQ 4x4.3x3 props, there is NO sag on this battery putting out 930gr of thrust (see video linked above).

Leave comments below and I'll try to answer them.



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Nolanfeatherstun   Sep 01, 2018  

is this build related to sub 250g legislation in your country or is it just good to fly?

Nolanfeatherstun   Sep 01, 2018 

can i see a video of how it rips?

Kruizen   Sep 04, 2018 

Yes - 250grams and under is the legislative exemption weight here in Canada (meaning no rules, just suggested guidelines). I live about 5km from an airport, so I can't legally fly anything bigger at my local park. That said, at this weight with these motors it's got insane punch-outs and is faster (I'm guessing it's in the high 90s mph) then my ~340gr AUW Schnapp Dragon w/ LDPower 2204s. Also, since it's so light, I don't generally break anything except props (unlike my heavier 5-6" quads). I have however broke several arms now and recommend the optional front brace if you crash a lot. Also big update on props: SKIP the 4" props (had weird handling) and go straight to DAL 5051C props (shouldn't work at that pitch, but trust me, they RIP!!) or the ETHIX S3 props.

ghostface   Jul 30, 2018  

Sorry for the dumb qustion but there is no sag? Like really? I run those motors on a different frame at 170g dry with a 850 4s, same motors and props (hq 4" v1s) and I definitely do get quite the sag when going full throttle for a few seconds, did I undestand this right that voltage stays relatively stable when going full throttle? Just wondering if I might have done something wrong on mine :D

Kruizen   Aug 01, 2018 

Thanks for pointing that out - I should clarify that point - the 700mAh battery doesn't sag horribly like the 650mAh 4S lipos I've tried - it sags similar to a 850mAh-1000mAh lipo (which I've found to be FAR superior / I don't know why there is such a difference at these sizes), and then only after full throttle for a few seconds. I imagine the sag you're seeing w/ your quad is similar to what I experience if you're using a quality lipo. I imagine on a heavier build (much over 250gr AUW) or using the 4100KV variety would cause sag to be more noticable.

ghostface   Aug 01, 2018 

Ah alright then - yeah that matches my experience then, thanks for clarifying :D
Just wanted to make sure I am not overlooking some super secret recipe fo no-sag quads lol

Quadlite   Jun 19, 2018  

LOVE the green and purple color scheme. Thats always been my favorite color combo. Really clean looking build too. I bet it rips with those motors!

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