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By Bushwacka FPV on Jun 12, 2018

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My second limited class build, aka the class I am calling stock quad, While I do not think the class is perfect I actually really like the idea of it.

The class rules are

600min AUW
Emax 2205 2300 non s
5040 props
1600mah 4s charged with no HV charging.
FC/ESC/AIRframe/VTX/camera are all open.
CP antennas are strongly recommended as are LEDs

the goal of this class is many and far reaching according the blade fury guys. They want get to get off the 6s hypetrain and stabilzed the power and weight to get a racing class where everyone is more equal. They also wanted to use old parts, make the races go for at least 3 minutes, and encourage people to run HD cameras. These are all great goal, and IMO this class could become a big thing. This is brand spanking new quad running very current parts including reciever and CP antenna for 200 dollars... it can be even done cheaper if you banggood it out.

My critism of the class if that the MIN AUW weight is very high. I intentiolly built this heavy opting for FC and seperate ESC versus my usual Asgard, or FC plus 4 in 1 builds. With 1600mah, and Gopro sessions it still weighs only 560 grams....even with A hero 6 it still falls even higher into the min weight. IMO the rule should be 500 the racers just slight more speed and more flight time. Many would still run a Gopro as well.

I do think though that this sort of class should be explored and adopted by MultiGP, versus their over priced spec class.

Getting on to this build.

So i love Flosses, tooth fairies, and even have a Floss style to build up. Top mount skinny arms, they all go like stink and go around a race course faster than just about anything else. The issue with Flosses is that their frame wieght isnt to high, and if you load them up to 600 grams the arms will start to break all the time.

Enter the Sabotage RC Frigate. There are ton of reasons some I knew, and some that pleasantly surprised me .

  • First Armattan carbon is good stuff.
    -The frame is heavy and should take a beating from the 600 gram weight,.
    -lots of motor protection especially with the 6 inch arms
  • top mount
  • 30.5mm and 20mm mountin, more on why that is cool later.
  • less than 40 dollars!

now you may be asking why opt for 6 inch arms on a class that you can only run 5040s? answer! trying to avoid prop wash. the prop are further apart giving each one more space for its disc to unload. After flying my Space one which is bascially the same build with 2206 Armattans, I can safely say that have longer arms seems to deal with prop wash better than short arms.

now why the 30.5x30.5 and 20x20. You can mount a VTX with 20x20 mounting under a 30.5 x 30.5 fc in much closer space than you can mount 2 30.5 x 30.5 boards. That is what I have done, it created such a small stack even using Bobbins that will probably repeat this on any frame with both mount holes.

Other features about this frame that are nice. Its a Streached X which I vastly prefer for flying, to me Streched X tend to hold lines better while still cornering really well, due to the props being seperate. On this frame with its 6 inch arms the props are really seperated. After flying this set up on both 5 and 6 inch props its really does fly well. I am still not use to quads this heavy but honestly this things rocks and just handles nicely. Maybe the limited class guys are on to something. I also love top mount and the only thing I am not super stoked on its the camera mount screws......I never have problem with 3d prints and actually like how I can move my camera on 3d prints with out a tool, the camera on this thing is either in place or lose as hell, but if you have issues with 3d prints moving then my guess is you ll love this mount.

For the FC, and ESC, I am using CL_racing F4S on the latest Butterflight. I have a couple earlier CL racing boards and they have been solid, they are my first choice when building with 4 esc, which on this this build I picked the ultra reliable Speedix 30a. The Clracing board has all the modern feautres you want like Smart Audio and Camera control and flies super smooth on butterflight .

The motors and Props are spec to the race class. This is my first set of 2205 Red bottoms, and wow super smooth, enough power, and VERY efficient. 10 dollars, if you on a budget and do not care about the hypetrain get these. Hell I have an these motors on 6 inch and 5s and they were totally fine. Props, well Iam sure everyone has 5040 around. I have also tried this build on 6040 tri and it does really well on it.

camera+VTX Pyro's 19 dollar camera is great. I have always like CCD, although some CMOS cameras are getting better IMO. The VTX mounts cleanly using the 20x20 mounted under the FC. It also use smart audio and has MMCX connector, which I am slowly converting my fleet to these connectors for the quick swapability.

lastly the add on its the TINYS LED, cheap and super bright with no need to for fancy wiring, just run off direct lipo voltage.

if your looking for a budget but still killar build this is it, if carrying a gopro is more important look at the sabatoge RC Dingo or bangarang.


Part List


Frigate 6 (3 builds)

Flight Controller

CLRacing F4S V1.6 AIO 30x30 Flight Controller (144 builds)


4 x Spedix ES30A HV 3-6S ESC BLHeli_S (154 builds)


4 x Emax Rs 2205 2300kv Motor


DAL T5040 V2 Tri-Blade Translucent (5 builds)

FPV Camera

600TVL 4:3 Micro CCD 2.1mm FPV Camera By Whocares! (18 builds)

FPV Transmitter

AKK FX3 FPV VTX (142 builds)


Lumenier AXII Straight MMCX 5.8GHz Antenna (RHCP) (14 builds)


LemonRX DSMX-Compatible Satellite Receiver with Diversity Antenna (46 builds)

HD Camera

RunCam 2 HD 1080P IR Blocked FOV 170° Wide Angle WiFi FPV Camera (10 builds)

Misc Parts

3-6s Tiny LEDs (13 builds)
Show stores (10)


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