Pyrodrone "Hyperbaby" feel good story!

By Charles Hidalgo on Jun 04, 2018

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Serge from PiroflipRC personally gave me this frame backin the Fall of 2016 before they offically went on sale and this was why this story (and the way it all turned out) was so important to me . My bouncing baby Hyperlite was born in 2016 and went MIA in January of 2018 never to be found after over a week of searching.... Until this morning when it was stumbled upon by accident after almost 6 months. I did a thorough cleaning and inspection and she flew this evening again. It endured freezing temps below 20 degrees, winter rains , and early spring heat into the 100's. I didn't have to change or replace anything other than the vtx antenna. A couple motors are a bit noisy when spun by hand but it flew great. The quad was laying upside down under an orange tree all this time. the one photo shows it when it was found this morning and the other was after the cleanup. I missed this little sucker. Picture are of when it was found (Today) after it was cleaned up and flown, and when it was origionally born.



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Apeian   Jun 08, 2018  

There's nothing like finding a lost
Nice story ...wish it would happen for my first brushless I lost... ;-p

QU|(K_F0X   Jun 06, 2018  

Really interesting tale on a site with far too many generic builds :-D

UnderDawg   Jun 04, 2018  

Love the story... It gives me hope. lol I have a 4 incher I lost about a year ago.

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