Space1One Galaxy

By Doobie52 on Jul 19, 2018

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With the temperatures here still hovering around 100 degrees even at midnight, I wish I was in another galaxy! This is the second Space1One frame I've built and I really like them. The included hardware is excellent, they're easy to assemble, everything fits well, and their prices can't be beat. This build has the upgraded set of 4mm arms and some red hardware to break up the black and white. It's currently running BetaFlight 3.4.

7/20/2018 - This morning I was able to put some batteries through this quad. Video below is from the maiden flight. I landed after taking a couple of laps to get a feel for the quad and the new rates I'm running and then let her rip. This is my first set of EMAX motors, and I'm really impressed. Going to order a GoPro mount now for some better footage.



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bonethruster FPV   Aug 14, 2018  

i loved this frame too but I discovered they now use much thinner plates and arms like a full 1mm less thick than they were a couple months ago. My first galaxy lasted months before I really broke it. The one I picked up last week lasted 3 flights and now the arms snapped off, I held the two frames up side by side and there is a dramatic difference in the strength of the frames. So be aware they now arent as good as the original ones and it now breaks riidiculously easy. I'd have rather they kept the price at 40 bucks for a sturdy frame, 20 bucks for brittle carbon is a waste to me. Very upset with Space1 for doing that. Otherwise I love this frame not gonna buy another tho untiil they make them proper again. Hope they are reading this!

Doobie52   Aug 14, 2018 

I have two of these frames. On this build I went with the upgrade 4mm arms. With shipping is was about $45. For the second build, I just went with the base kit. I figure if I break an arm, I have the set that came with this build. I haven't flown this one very much but I fly the other one regularly and I've stuffed it into the ground a couple of times. So far so good, but time will tell.

ArcherFPV   Jul 27, 2018  

awesome build. i just got this frame a few days ago and building it now. it looks like a really good frame and i live the g10 top plate.

Doobie52   Jul 27, 2018 

I'm loving this frame. So much so that I've got another coming tomorrow to do a transplant from my original Martian II. I've been bugging the people over at Brain3D for a GoPro mount and I got word at the beginning of this week that they've got the frame in, and as soon as they're done with their move, they'll have some parts available. Should be ready in the first few weeks of August.

ArcherFPV   Aug 01, 2018 

sweet! ima def have to get one of those when i see them listed

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