Featherlight Falcon

By jdmkramer on Jun 08, 2018

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This is my first attempt at a full coverage 3d printable pod. It prints sort of folded open with a living hinge that is actually quite sturdy despite its appearance. It is designed around a 20x20 stack, Runcam Split Mini, and an 18x18 gps with long range in mind. Immortal T mounts acrorss the rear legs and room for Crossfire Nano or R9 Mini in the end of the tail,, but it will take an R9 Slim in the neck. Originally designed around the Unify, I was having trouble with mine, so I crammed a Mach 2 up there. It works fine but I'll be revising the design to better fit a larger vtx. It can carry a Gopro Session securely if that's preferable to the Split. I want to flesh out the compartments to fit everything more securely, make the neck a little thicker inside, make the cam angle adjustable, and a few other things.

This is a work in progress. I will upload it to thingiverse when complete.



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e_z_chee_z   Sep 02, 2018  

that canopy is amazing

Jodie Froster   Jun 19, 2018  

Do you have any issues with jello in your split footage? I have been hearing a lot of issues people have with the system now are down to that and I wonder how your mount is working out?

jdmkramer   Jun 19, 2018 

I had terrible jello. Replacing the lens with the RC23M solved it for me. Now only a bent prop or other actual vibration issue will cause jello.

Jodie Froster   Jun 09, 2018  

Fascinating. Do you run a gopro with the split in there?

jdmkramer   Jun 15, 2018 

i did when test fitting, but no. not normally.

flux_fpv   Jun 10, 2018  

Awesome work with the print.  Can your ESC handle those motors and 5048 props?  I'm always interested in compact 4in1 options.

jdmkramer   Jun 15, 2018 

yeah it does great! i can punch it for a good long time. I fly pretty calmly most of the time though.

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