MRM Machete High Speed AP Rig

By RotorQuad Squad on Jun 08, 2018

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mariniam   Jan 18, 2019  

Fantastic build! You've made it look very stealthy.

Also noticed you got rid of one layer of the frame.

RotorQuad Squad   Jan 18, 2019 

Yes I did! I recently had an accident with it but MKII is currently in design and is almost ready for assembly!

mariniam   Jan 18, 2019 

Ouch I hope you werent too far out!
Have you gotten flight times longer than 20 mins?

RotorQuad Squad   Jan 18, 2019 

Current flight time is about 22 minutes

Portland_Pilot_88   Jun 08, 2018  

Cool build! What kind of flight times are you getting and do you have any footage from the gopro??

RotorQuad Squad   Jun 08, 2018 


Longest flight was just south of 20 minutes. I havent gotten adequate GoPro footage yet as I was having balance issues with the Gimbal.

matop   Jun 18, 2018 

Nice, how much it weighs ?

RotorQuad Squad   Jun 18, 2018 

Its around 1350 grams. It varies a bit as I fiddle

delta_fpv   Jun 09, 2018  

mind showing us some hd footage? looks p0retty tight my dude/

RotorQuad Squad   Jun 10, 2018 

It will come I promise. Right now the only video I have is from testing and I was having troubles with the gimbal wandering and binding. I just need to get out and beat the heat and do some more work. Ive actually redesigned the gimbal to be a touch lighter and Im looking at the possiblity of smaller/lighter motors to reduce the moving mass.

TeamWolfFPV   Jun 09, 2018  

Fascinating build! Does the position of the GoPro allow you to shoot video at any angle without the props getting into view? (GoPro superview too?)

RotorQuad Squad   Jun 10, 2018 

Using 1080p and wide angle you get a touch of props at full tilt but my usual medium setting with a slight downward tilt keeps them out of view most of the time. I havent quite gotten the gimbal 100% where/how I like it but It does function.

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