By LawnDart on Jun 09, 2018

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Ant F.P.V   Aug 17, 2018  

How is the 12amp 1407 working

Ant F.P.V   Aug 17, 2018  

How is the 12amp 1407

Kruizen   Jun 15, 2018  

How is your prop wash?  My Atom w/ 1105 motors isn't that great...

LawnDart   Jun 16, 2018 

I just sold this but it was tuned pretty well. I think with bigger motors you just power through it.

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This guide will walk you through the process of building your first FPV quad. The goal with this design was to build a low-cost, lightweight quad, yet powerful enough to safely carry a GoPro in close proximity areas. I chose these parts to minimize the amount of soldering at no cost to the quality. A typical build requires around 30 solders while this only needs 25. It's not a huge difference, but..

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