Fantastic 4'' - Flame On Edition

By UnderDawg on Jun 18, 2018

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I was recently going throuh some boxes and came across the little ET 180 frame and DYS 1306- 2300kv motos. Instead of throwing them out I decided to build a 4'' Park Cruiser and keep it on the cheap. I also feel this would make a great beginners rig as well.

The Build
The first thing I did was mount a DYS F4 clone board ( one of my favorites ) and upgrade the VTX and FPV cam. It now has OSD, smart audio and one of my all-time favororite micro cameras.... I also hydro-dipped and droped the top to 20mm on the frame.

The Outcome
The ET 180 is no powerhouse by any means, but is smooth, predictable, efficent and very cheap. I was able to get over 8 minates of flight on a old Nano-tec 1k, 3s battery. And on a 850 4s she was capable of leaping tall trees in a single punch and had enough power to be fun in my favorite wooded spot... anyways I hope you all like the build.



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Tanzelini   Jul 05, 2018  

Any videos of this thing flying? Looks awesome for a first build.

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UnderDawg   Jul 07, 2018 

As for the frame. I guess it's been discontinued and the one I listed is the closest thing I could find to it made by the same company. you could always build a 3''er using higher kv motors and this frame
The capacitor is a 25v 480uF I had laying around... not anything I realy feel needed for this build.

Tanzelini   Jul 07, 2018 

Ok. I think I might stick with the four inch just because of the reduced price and more room to make building easier. I put together a mockup on here but I don't know how to share it. If there is a way and you have the time do you mind looking over it? It is mostly the same with slightly cheaper camera and fpv transmitter components. I also read that using Gemfan 2-blade props is a bit more effiecient with these smaller motors and wonder what you thought of that. Thank you so much for your time and help, it truly means a lot!
Edit: Actually looking at it I might just be able to link it so here it is
Don't mind the transmitter or charger lol. Just to help find total price.

UnderDawg   Jul 07, 2018 

Everything looks good. The Gemfan props should do great on this build..

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