Massively Fun

By dewke on Jun 15, 2018

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Massively fun. What else can I say about this frame except build one.

A few things I would change: I went overboard on the stack. I didn't need the 38a HGLRC stack and could have gone smaller and in hindsight wish I'd gotten the F440 stack for bl_heli32. The board has extra uarts for telemetry and vtx control (tramp protocol) but I would have had to use a different pad on the rxsr to get it to work. It's a pain and I wasted a lot of time trying to get it to work. If I hadn't had problems in the past with xm/xm+ I would have used one of those. If you have a split mini see if you can get it to fit in the stack. I wouldn't mind having

The bad: I can't get the OSD to accurately display power information, but I get 3+ minutes of flight time on the 3S 550 lipos. It doesn't display the RSSI correctly either but my taranis has yet to even say RSSI low so I'm not worried. Soldering the stack and getting the wires the correct length is a pain in the ass especially since I haven't used a 4-1 esc in a long time. Lastly with the stock pids I had crazy mid-throttle oscillations. I ended up copying the pids from a babyhawk-r and that helped a lot. If you build your own It will require tune.

Now the good: None of the bad matters at all. This drone is ridiculously fun. It's very durable. I smacked it into my deck and concrete at a good clip and not even a scratch. The F15's are every bit as good as the Emax motors on the babyhawk-r and I wanted it to be different. It's super light yet it flies like a 5" drone, costs half the price of a 5" dronem and on 4S is probably a rocket.

As I said in the beginning, just build one, you won't be disappointed.



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andyydna   Jun 15, 2018  

Nice dude! I was just here checking builds, saw 9 of them, refreshed, suddenly 10. I'm a noob and just finishing up my first build of a 2.5" massive droner. How did you end up routing wires for the micro eagle? I flipped my cam upside down because the connector was getting stuck against the board.

dewke   Jun 17, 2018 

I should have flipped it but I didn't. I just have it up against the stack.

andyydna   Jun 18, 2018 

Whats the total weight on your build? I was surprised mine came out bit porky 100-110g.

dewke   Jun 18, 2018 

I dont have a digital scale but I'm around 100g on the kitchen scale.

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