MaximusFPV Modulus 65 [110X]

By MaximusFPV on Jun 19, 2018

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Well it's about time! After several months of dragging my feet, I finally decided to build my own Modulus 65 in 110X flavor and let me tell you, I have zero regrets. This baby is rocking an AlienflightNG (herein referred to as AFNG) Anubis16 flight controller with an F7 -- that's right, F7 -- chip and FlexRC FX1102 12500kV motors on 2S and it is a BEAST! I don't have any DVR yet, just a few packs to dial in the tune and cruise around the house a bit, but I almost forgot I was flying 40mm props cuz the punch is out of this world! (see what I did there?)

So as with any build this tiny, it's pretty tight, but definitely doable, especially if you use a pre-built stack like the Super_S F4 (what I would've used if I hadn't been offered the Anubis). I had a bad ESC at first (ESC1 wouldn't show up no matter what I did) but I got a full refund from FlexRC after lots of support and got a different model from Airblade and that worked like a charm. I would also like to note that the F7 does need some air as it does get warmer than most chips, but it stays well below it's designed temp limits and it's really only an issue if it's smashed right up against something. Other than that, I can run 16/16 loop times and all sorts of neat stuff (but no OSD, sadly) under 25% CPU usage on Betaflight 3.4.0 RC2 (at the time of this post).

A really huge thank you to, of course, Steve "Chaotix" Flemington for building me this AMAZING piece of art by hand for zero profit to himself. Just holding the Anubis is something I never thought I would have the honor to experience (there are probably fewer than two dozen in existence as of this post) and it means so much that you took the time and effort to assemble this beast by hand.
Another shoutout to Dmitry from FlexRC for the awesome motors and all the support with the ESC. He assures me that this is a first for him and this product is just fine, and I'm inclined to agree and believe that I just got a dud. Oh well. That's life.



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ghostface   Sep 26, 2018  

Cool! Love the colors! What's your dry weight on that thing?

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