3" LR Rig - RXSB

By emofes on Jun 20, 2018

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This my take on a 3" long range quad, the only thing I would really change as of now is the esc but it just won't die and the fc becasue of the lack of extra uarts.



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FrostedFPV   Jun 22, 2018  

Interresting vtx antenne mount. Not afraid the mmcx will break of the vtx?

emofes   Jun 22, 2018 

not really, this quad isn't meant t br bashed around a lot. The antenna is mounted to the arm which should relieve some strain when I do crash.

FrenchB   Jun 22, 2018  

great looking build!

Quadlite   Jun 20, 2018  

Greaat looking build. That frame is really cool. The other day I saw someone on here put 4 inch props on that frame and it actually fits! BTW I've been curious about those superman motors for awhile but haven't seen any data on them. How do you like them? Is there anything you could compare them to?

emofes   Jun 20, 2018 

Yeah, it was designed to go up to 4", I owuld love to get some efficient 4" tmount props. I like the motors, they are low kv so not the fastest but still fun to fly, they can handle 5s though which is cool. On 4s they're not as fast as some higher kv 1106 but I think they are more efficient. rotorx does have some higher kv 1404's though.

Quadlite   Jun 20, 2018 

Thank you. Thats really good to know. As far as props id look into the rotorx 3044tx triblade props. They arent necesarily that efficient, but they should pair nicely with your motors and maybe give you a little speed. I'm about to use them with the rcinpower 1108 6800kv motors. They are absurdly powerful (500grams+ each), but NOT efficient at all. im really hoping they are still useable on a low mah pack.

soothcoder   Jun 22, 2018 

I would look at the avan mini 3" props, from what ive seen they are resonably powerful and efficient.

q-ratz   Jun 20, 2018  

Now that is a beauty. Can please share a link to a Video taken with that quad? I am interested to see to what extent the props are in the picture. I have seen a video with 4inch props, where the props where really dominant in the picture.

emofes   Jun 20, 2018 

I will when I get a chance, haven't had a chance to fly since its been raining here. There is a "hooded" canopy they designed that you can print to mount the cam on top to get the props out of view.

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