R1 6S Build - The Blue

By Pit on Jun 25, 2018

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I have reached the point where I can say that this frame is pretty much complete. Hopefully in a few weeks time I will publish a dedicated website and make the entire project open source. Its a couple of grand plus a few hundred hours of labour down the toilet, but it was fun to develop and now its time to share.
I do have about 20 sets late prototype and final version frames to spare. Perhaps there will be a small sale at http://shop.fpv.ee/ as well.

A small introduction to the project.
I have worked on this concept on my spare time for more than a year now. The build on the pictures is a version 13. The frame weighs a bit under 70g and is a double stacked arm style concept. The only other frame which I know is using the double stacked arm is the Hyperlow Vert Freestyle. Perhaps there are some others as well.
On the soon to come R1 website you will find a story about this frame, a suggested build parts, techniques, all the files in a dwg, igs and stl form. There are plenty of 3d printed accessories available which I will publish also in thingiverse. The frame will be open source, allowing you to download the files, modify if you like and build your own as you wish. The open source licence however does not allow to sell this project or any part of it for profit.
If there's a strong interest towards the frame then I may upload some simplified version of the R1 in to the armattan. So anyone who wishes can order the parts from them.

To make this frame a quad is a fun challenge for those who like to build. There are small TPU inserts on the top which need to be glued with epoxy or some other fine glue. The stack height is a 22mm + 3mm (for micro rx) if 8mm standoffs are used. 10mm or 12mm are optional but not recommended because the frame loses its perfect CoG and possibly some durability. The rx is accessible from the bottom hatch. The side strut bars should be heat shrinked with added epoxy or a glue. Doing so helps to avoid delaminaton of the fibers because they are rather thin (about 3mm) bars. The entire structure is designed to be slightly flexible which helps in durability upon a heavy impact. The body can slightly bend on the vertical axises. The arms can slightly bend on the horizontal axises. The arm ends TPU protectors act as cushions. The strut bars act as shock absorbers and prevent arms from wiggling. All together making it a nice top mounted frame to have fun with.
That's it for now. To be continued at later time...



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Zstone   19 days ago  

Really Nice Frame ! I'm really interested in more info and getting m hands on one.

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