5S HyperLite FlowRide 5"

By Airmaxx23 on Jul 02, 2018

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As with my other quads I like to keep things simple so there's really nothing spectacular about this build.

I've been looking for a lighter 5" quad for freestyle and decided to give the HyperLite 5" FlowRide a try and I'm very happy with it.

I'm using the BetaFlight F7 flight controller with the F7 gyro installed and enabled. I didn't like the ribbon cable sticking out the side so I drew up some simple guards to protect the cable, they can also be used when running motors/props in reverse rotation to keep crud from getting on the stack.

I'm still not a big fan of 4-in-1 ESCs so I use separate ones whenever possible.

I drew up the VTx antenna and Rx antenna tube holder since I couldn't find one I like or that would work with my build. There's a notch near the holes for the standoffs for the ESC wire to pass through.

The electronics are as follows:

BetaFlight F7, Speedix ES30 HV ESCs, HpyerLite 2207-2722kv motors, Runcam Swift 2, Eachine VTX03 w/ SMA connector, AXII antenna, LemonRx DSMX diversity satellite, and Gemfan Flash 5149 props.



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jedimasterben   6 days ago  

How do those props do on 5S? Most seem to flatten out when they hit around 30K RPM. I love the 5149 on 4S, but from what I've heard they also flatten when spinning faster :/

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Airmaxx23   6 days ago 

Yes I did, I edited my reply. I'm really liking them so far.

jedimasterben   6 days ago 

Awesome. Really surprised those props do well, they are incredibly light. Will have to give them a shot :)

Airmaxx23   6 days ago 

They're a little beefier than the HQ5x4.3x3V1S props so that may be why they aren't flattening out.

Jodie Froster   14 days ago  

How are the ~2700kv motors on 5s? Blazing hot? Tiny explosion? Thrustfactory?

Airmaxx23   14 days ago 

I only use full throttle for quick bursts so the motors don't really get more than slightly warm, even with it 90 degrees outside. I have 5 quads with 2700kv or 2722kv running 5S and they all have an incredible amount of thrust.

JC250   15 days ago  

Any specific reason why you picked the flowrider over the flosstyle?

Airmaxx23   15 days ago 

I like having only 6 standoffs on the FlowRide and being able to use the shorter top plate. I also like the idea of having 4 separate arms.

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