El Camino Split 💠

By sergetania on Jul 02, 2018

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This has been a long and complex build with casualties...

In a usual build, you need to figure out how to place your components in a single stack. Here, there are two stacks and it takes a few tries before all components are in place. The el Camino frame is really nice with a plenty of space that allows a lot of flexibility to where the components go. I just wish the bottom plate had slots for m2 screws instead of m3s. Most people will be using RunCam Split Micro and Zeus FC and both use m2 screws, so why make the 3mm slots? Please make sure you have plenty of 2mm or 2.5mm washers for the build.

Also, I wanted to check out the new Frsky R9 long range system priced much more reasonable than the Crossfire. I couldn't get a new R9 mini receiver and the R9 Slim is discontinued. R9 Slim+ has two antennas. It's not easy to put one 6" antenna in a 3" quad, and there are two here. Probably not the most optimal antenna placement, but hopefully it is good enough. A word of caution - do not use the cable marked "Con2" in the connector on top of the receiver. The Con1 and Con2 cables look similar except they are mirror image of each other, flipped 180 degrees. Just put the Con2 cable away the moment you get the receiver. Of course, make sure you flash firmware everywhere - receiver, module and radio.

The weight without the battery is 127g.



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Rc Exp   Jul 20, 2018  

Neat build 😋😋 Do you think this type of setup is worth building for a long range micro with hd footage or it'd be better to go with a 6-7" setup? Also, how is the range with that antenna placement cuz I like it :) keep posting awesome builds

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Rc Exp   Jul 21, 2018 

Well, the rumcam split is a fairly jelly camera unfortunately and its hard to find a perfect setup with 0 jello for it but luckily ummagawd is working on a 3" frame that should eliminate vibes from getting to the split.

I'll stay tuned for the skydiver build ✌️

sergetania   Jul 21, 2018 

Ordered an Acrobrat frame today before they run out. Looks like a great idea. We'll see if it works.

Rc Exp   Jul 21, 2018 

Even more hype ♥️😂

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