By stevescene on Jul 03, 2018

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X1 - Xeno Micro

The smallest build I did so far.
The Immortal-T seems overkill but I love it.
Initially I would like to install the crossfire micro receiver antenna. However, during the wait for the arrival of the antenna, I try to setup and tune the bird using the Immortal-T first, turn out it become part of the final build and I love the outlook.



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Jodie Froster   Jul 04, 2018  

I have been thinking about using that runcam nano, any chance I could talk you into posting some dvr? Also: that is a beautiful build. I really like how you have an 8th of an inch of red on your battery lead for polarity identification, while using black wires everywhere else, it looks great and it's practical too. I have found that running any kind of led lighting out the front is suprisingly helpfull in low light environments (visibility wise), how is it working out for you with the nano (fpv)?

stevescene   Jul 04, 2018 

I would like to post some dvr but I haven't been flying for a month or two, also my skill is not that good. Anyway, if I have a chance to go out to fly, I will post my footage back, including the MD, MMD, X1 and other most recently built.

A little bit Red to indicate the polarity, haha. It is unintentionally. Initially, I just like to make everything black but during the build, I suddenly think that there should be some indication for the VCC or other power wire such as 5V, 12V and so on, So that I will not smoke my quad accidentally. For other signal wires, it normally will do no harm if I miss place them. And I came up with this little idea to put up a tiny fragment of heat shrink to indicate the polarity. Turn out it also make a very good little highlight in the overall color of the quads.

For the LED, in my very old builds. Not recent ones, I usually put up 4 LEDs as headlight but due to a lot extra wiring. I skip it for most of my recent build until this one. Frankly speaking, it is initially and mainly for decoration purpose. For super low light case, I will rely on the cam itself - such as Runcam Owl Plus or Foxeer NightWolf, in my old bigger builds.

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