Pennywise the Dancing Clown

By TheMrJahn on Sep 01, 2018

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Bright, lightweight and powerful racing drone! HyperLite Floss Team Edition frame, KakuteF7 fc, Tekko32 esc, HyperLite Team Edition 2205 2522kv motors. As the result - weight of this drone is under 300 grams! Installed BetaFlight 3.5, BlHeli32 rev.32.6. This drone can run up to 5s battery (all electronics up to 6s, motors - 5s), should dance in the sky!



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This guide will walk you through the process of building your first FPV quad. The goal with this design was to build a low-cost, lightweight quad, yet powerful enough to safely carry a GoPro in close proximity areas. I chose these parts to minimize the amount of soldering at no cost to the quality. A typical build requires around 30 solders while this only needs 25. It's not a huge difference, but..

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In late 2019 DJI made inroads into the FPV scene with their remarkable low-latency digital system. It gave us a 720p video feed with latency on-par with the status quo, analog video. Traditionally we've used analog video systems for low-latency video, but the video quality is far from ideal. It's a trade-off we've been willing to accept for the control. Now we've got the best of both worlds and what..

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