By painfpv on Jul 16, 2018

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This is almost an identical remake of a quad I droped in the ocean: https://rotorbuilds.com/build/10783

The frame is the one recovered from the bottom of the Ocean.

This is my main long range setup which I fly using custom made Lion packs. See the above build for more details.

Technical note: The Matek722 has no onboard 5V regulator. I am using an external UBEC to power the FC, VTX, Camera, RX and GPS. I am using an LC filter on the input power line of the VTX. All components are listed below.

Ideally I should have used two separate UBECs, one for the FC+RX+GPS and another for camera + VTX.

Relevant videos:



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KaityLynn   Dec 23, 2018  

What an awesome build and great videos!

piloufpv   Dec 19, 2018  

Hi painfpv, thank you for sharing this build. I've a similar setup here (https://rotorbuilds.com/build/15550) but am a bit disappointed by the video range (up to 2 km with a Unify Pro HV 800mW), and am in the process of exploring different ways to optimize it (e.g. placement of the VTX as far to the FC as possible). I was wondering if there is a specific reason for the placement of your video antenna, on the side, rather than on the back of the quad. Is it because of the limited length of the pigtail to the VTX or is there any other better reason? Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Jimskane   Nov 28, 2018  

Excellent results with this quad and beautiful build.
What kind of range( thinking of battery,motor,prop, throttle position, speed) are you getting? Do you like the 2306? have you tried others with this kv? I just bought some motors to move fro 5s LR setups to 6s and would very much appreciate some ideas. Thanks!

mixa   Jul 31, 2018  

Is is ok to install 6" props into this 5" quad?

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painfpv   Aug 12, 2018 

this is a 6inch frame by default

mixa   Aug 12, 2018 

hm, strange...

painfpv   Aug 12, 2018 

it seems there are 2 versions of it, here is the 6inch version: http://pirofliprc.com/HyperLite-FlowRide-Freestyle-6-inch-Frame_p_4459.html

LowkeyCamo   Aug 03, 2018  

Nice build. Where did you get the antenna mount?

painfpv   Aug 12, 2018 

custom built by a friend

Quadxl   Jul 26, 2018  

Amazing Video!!
How much time do you get with that battery pack?

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painfpv   Jul 28, 2018 
Quadxl   Jul 29, 2018 

Thanks. Those videos are with 6S?

painfpv   Aug 01, 2018 

Yes, the ionian sea one also has a few shots done with a 5.5inch 4-5s

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