Xb344 8/9 inch speed machine

By zaamii on Jul 18, 2018

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This is the rebuild of my first b344 after it spent many months in the ice. It's insanly fast and efficient thanks to it's light weight (140 grams) and low surface area (25mm body and 12mm wide tapered arms) It can cruise at 40mph using 9-11amps and 80mph using 55-60amps.
Fastest speed so far was 93 mph on 5s with a broken prop. I know it can go MUCH faster!
The therotical thrust to weight ratio is 13:1 on 5s with 8in props.

I consider this frame a failure becuase I never came up with a good anntenna mounting solution(I would avoid buyingthis frame for that reason)



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Amethyst FPV   Aug 08, 2018  

You should buy some antenna tubing to mount it. Amazing build btw.

dafunk   Jul 29, 2018  

feels light indeed
why is the body so long ?

Whiffles   Jul 19, 2018  

How is the HD footage? I imagine it's difficult to iron out vibrations with such large props.

zaamii   Jul 20, 2018 

The footage the footage I get with stiff props is suprisingly clean, but flexible props with a large blade area (even after balancing) produce nasty jello at certain rpms.

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