Bravo 2" Micro

By FUNETIC FPV on Sep 25, 2018

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This is my second build, and since my first build was a 5inch race quad I thought i'd go with a 2inch micro so that I had something to fly indoors when the weather is bad or at night time!

Using the Elf 88 frame you've got yourself a truly micro build! It looks great without the prop guards, but the prop guards are handy when you're bouncing your way down the hallway or under the dining table :) The frame is tough, i've had some decent crashes and it hasn't let me down yet.

This was a pretty easy build, the eachine minicube anniversary edition comes as a fully presoldered stack, so all you need to do is mount it to your frame and then solder your motor wires to the pads and you're ready to fly (you're going to need tweezers and a good soldering iron if you want a neat job). I desoldered the buzzer from the top of the stack and mounted it at the back (to reduce stack height) and connected it up with some motor wire trimmings so it still works, then a bit of shrink tube over the buzzer and power leads to keep it neatly secured in place. Even with the buzzer moved, the standoffs that come with the frame are only 18mm tall and i couldnt get the stack to fit, so i added a 1mm m2 washer to each frame standoff to make the total frame height 19mm, and then lowered the stack height by another 2mm by removing the 5mm standoffs from the bottom of the stack and using 3x 1mm washers instead. If you're going to do this you'll need 10mm m2 screws to mount the stack from underneath.

The Eachine VTX05 camera with built in transmitter plugs right in so you dont need to solder anything to get the camera and osd to work. Only note is that you'll need to switch the ground and 5v wires around on your camera before you plug it in to your stack. You can find the wiring diagrams for both the stack and the VTX05 online so just doublecheck those to make sure everything is in the right order. I 'soft mounted' the camera with some rubber o rings which works great.

I've only flown this thing on 2s and im already impressed by the power, I dont think i'll even try 3s because i'm happy with its performance on 2s and I dont want to pump too much voltage/heat into this little beauty. On 2s it pulls off all the stuff a 5inch can do no worries if you take it outside.

Only flaw i've found so far is in the quality of the props, they bend and break easily so i'm going to try gemfan or dalprop 2035's. UPDATE I put on some dalprop 2035 props (see photo with purple props) and they are a lot better, tougher and quieter.

Fun to build, fun to fly and weighs only 67 grams! if you've got any questions just ask :)


Part List


X2 ELF 88mm Micro Brushless FPV Racing Frame Kit RC Drone 3K Carbon Fiber (31 builds)

Flight Controller

Anniversary Special Edition Eachine Minicube Flytower 20x20mm Compatible Frsky Flysky DSM RX F3 ESC (19 builds)


4 x HGLRC FLAME 1104 7500KV Micro Brushless Motor For XJB-75 Mini FPV Racer (15 builds)


10 Pairs Racerstar 2035 50mm 4 Blade Propeller 1.5mm Mounting Hole For 80-110 RC Drone FPV Racing Multi Rotor

FPV Camera

Eachine TX05 0.01/5/25/50/100/250mW Switchable w/ OSD AIO 5.8G 72CH VTX 600TVL NTSC Mini FPV Camera (10 builds)


2 x Gaoneng GNB 7.4V 350mAh 80C 2S Lipo Battery XT30 Plug (8 builds)


FrSky Taranis Q X7S Radio w/ Upgraded M7 Hall Sensor Gimbals (Carbon Fiber) (25 builds)


Fat Shark Dominator HDO FPV Goggles (137 builds)

Misc Parts

Suleve™ M2NC1 20pcs M2 Black Round Nylon Screws Cross Round Head Screws Bolt

Misc Parts

4 PCS Eachine Propeller Guard For Aurora 100 Mini FPV Racing RC Drone 1102 1103 1104 1105 Brushless Motor (13 builds)

Misc Parts

Suleve™ MXNW3 100pcs M2 M3 M4 M5 Black Nylon Washer Gasket Thickness 1mm

Video Receiver

FuriousFPV True-D V3.8 Diversity Receiver System - Clarity Redefined (17 builds)

Battery Charger

ISDT Q6 Pro BattGo 300W 14A Battery Balance Charger (47 builds)
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Lowepro Quad Guard BP X2 Drone Backpack, Black/Grey (14 builds)
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FUNETIC FPV   Dec 17, 2018  

Here's a flight video around the house - this thing rips!

FUNETIC FPV   Sep 26, 2018  

p.s; i just swapped to dalprop 2035 prop's they are a LOT better, they dont bend or break and they are a bit quieter.

Ivan   Oct 01, 2018 

thanks for the info! any suggestions about some other 1104 motors? the hglrc are out of stock :(

FUNETIC FPV   Oct 01, 2018 

im not sure, these are the first 1104 size motors ive bought so i couldnt tell you about any others.

sergetania   Oct 02, 2018 

Just get 1106s(emax or hglrc, for example) unless you are building an ultralight

Latvian   Oct 01, 2018  

great build for what i was looking, was going to get a second hand drone for around the same price, but now thinking about it i better off get new parts and build it myself for the same price, thanks for sharing your build :)

FUNETIC FPV   Oct 01, 2018 

sounds good :)

Latvian   Oct 01, 2018  

great build for what i was looking, was going to get a second hand drone for around the same price, but now thinking about it i better off get new parts and build it myself for the same price, thanks for sharing your build :)

Ivan   Sep 26, 2018  

great looking build :D

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Ivan   Sep 27, 2018 

Sorry.. I mean the the M2 srews! Do I need 8, 10, 12mm ?
Thanks alot for your reply :D

FUNETIC FPV   Sep 27, 2018 

oh ok, yeah i ordered the 10mm, they were just the right length, 8mm would also work. The m2 nylon washers are also handy because the standoffs that come with the frame are 18mm tall and you're going to need an extra millimeter or two in height to fit your minicube stack and have a little bit of clearance with the top of the frame.

FUNETIC FPV   Sep 27, 2018 

Oh, and i've added a few more details about the build if you need them you can find them above :)

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