Rotor Riot Acrobrat Proto

By Ciotti on Jul 24, 2018

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A group of 10 or so of us have been testing this prototype Acrobrat frame for a little over a month with Tommy (Ummagawd) and it's been a TON of fun.
The footage from the Runcam Split in this frame is just insane and it REALLY flies nice. This build is 50 or so grams heavier than my 2.5" and 3" Rotorious CB's but you would absolutely never know it flying the Acrobrat. The power from these bigger 12x12 mount motors is incredible and the extra weight is actually REALLY nice for flying freestyle, it feels much more like a 5" rig than a 9x9 motored micro which I think is mainly because the ratio of all up weight to power to drag with this frame is in some magical place like the bigger rigs where they just feel SO good in the air. It's tough to quantify this or put it into words but anyone with a dialed in 5" rig knows exactly what I'm talking about ;)
I'll add to this as I think of more things to say about this awesome frame.

LeDrib Freestyle Contest Entry...



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daniel482   Oct 24, 2018  

what kind of range could you get with that?

Ciotti   Oct 24, 2018 

FrSky is good for 1 - 2 miles if you have line of sight

Philo777   Sep 03, 2018  

Can you build me one?

Txcolt   Sep 29, 2018 

I can

Philo777   Sep 20, 2018  

Does your split give you jello and crummy FPV feed being a CMOS?

Philo777   Sep 03, 2018  

Can you custom build one?

Ciotti   Sep 03, 2018 

Not in any reasonable time frame, I've got 4 of my own builds lined up with no time to get them done :(

Philo777   Sep 03, 2018 

Im patient 1-2 months is fine! I need crossfire micro or nano and split mini under 250g. Or i can pay you to send me building instructions for wiring and what i need to provide the right voltage to the components so i dont fry them and which UARTs to connect? I can handle the Betaflight stuff and binding.

Whiffles   Aug 09, 2018  

Just saw your video on reddit. Looks like a nice platform for micro HD.

Ciotti   Aug 09, 2018 

It's the only frame I've ever been able to get smooth Runcam Split Mini footage out of :)

Nightprowler   Aug 04, 2018  

Hello, can you tell me the take-off weight? we have a local limit of 250 grams.
thank you very much

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Nightprowler   Aug 05, 2018 


Ciotti   Aug 05, 2018 

Here ya go

Nightprowler   Aug 09, 2018 


outcastfpv   Jul 26, 2018  

i have ordered the same stack, runcam mini but an AKK FX3 ultimate vtx for my build of this, almost didn't go with the xrotor stack as i could only see 1 spare uart after attaching the receiver. did you remap the LED pad for smartaudio though? also im assuming those white dampeners are the softest, how did they work out for jello on the runcam or did you later have to swap them out for a more rigid color?

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outcastfpv   Aug 03, 2018 

Thanks i received all the parts for mine and built it. but im having absolutely terrible noise on the fpv feed on throttle from the runcam split mini. i tried a micro camera and that was perfectly clear. i then put the runcam split into another quad and spun up the motors on it and that was perfectly clear too. I then tried a different 5v pad for the split and even soldered it to the vbat on the hobbywing stack and still the same, i even tried using the 5v from the akk fx3 ultimate vtx. it doesnt make any sense where the noise is coming from?

Ciotti   Aug 04, 2018 

Try physically moving the VTX to a different spot, they can be really sensitive to the noise from the battery wires

outcastfpv   Aug 05, 2018 

I tested the 2 akk vtx's outside of the quad, i even installed a seperate 5V bec for the runcam and had no effect so i connected the runcam split to my more massive droner build which has the same motors as this and has an hglrc TX20 vtx and there was barely any noise, so i swapped the TX20 in and the noise was greatly reduced. putting the akk into the massive droner build with a foxeer arrow micro pro resulted in a perfectly clear image. I uploaded a very short video to youtube from the first flight when i noticed the noise when the motors were spinning;

Do you still have the hobbywing nano stack & akk fx3 vtx in your build? is your feed clear with that combo? thanks

quadfpv   Aug 02, 2018  

How long a runtime are you getting on those 550 batteries?

Ciotti   Aug 02, 2018 

Depends on how much ground im covering but usually around 3 minutes

quadfpv   Aug 02, 2018 

Wow, so you think the 650's would be about the same cause their heavier or a little more runtime? I usually see 850's on average for 3" quads...

Ciotti   Aug 02, 2018 

650's will give a bit more run time for sure, 850 is way too much in my opinion

quadfpv   Jul 28, 2018  

Thanks for the pictures...

sergetania   Jul 24, 2018  

That is a REALLY NICE video and great flying! Thanks for sharing!
Ok, 1306 vs 1407?

Ciotti   Jul 25, 2018 

1306's make it feel more like a micro in that it's lighter, quicker, has incredible throttle resolution but less grunt and power, great for proximity flying. 1407's make it feel like a 5" in that it's smoother from the extra weight, changes direction without being as jarring, and has mega power to throw it up over stuff, great for both proximity and bigger spots.

ghostface   Jul 24, 2018  

Weight distribution and space is reaaaaally nice, but it does seem to be a little porky.

Ciotti   Jul 25, 2018 

Compared to my other micros it is around 50 grams heavier but being drilled for 12x12 motors guarantees that it's not underpowered since those motors all make plenty of power. With 1407's this flies much closer to the way a 5" does than a micro, it hurtles into the sky when you punch the throttle and has the weight to do big nasty throw moves without it running out of momentum half way over the tree :)

bigtuni   Jul 25, 2018  

did you actualy mount the cam upside down and then change the settings to compensate that??

Ciotti   Jul 25, 2018 

Yup :)

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