By TheMrJahn on Aug 06, 2018

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Autumn is coming, so it's time to build waterproof freestyle drone. Used silicone coating to cover all electronics and make it waterproof. Had to disassemble camera to coat its board. F2 Mito frame is cheap, but very good quality and looks great. It has not alot of space for components, so i chose TBS Unify Pro v3 vtx to fit in this frame with other electronics.

Upgrade. Installed new hardware - Kiss v2 flight controller, RunCam Eagle 2 Pro camera, Lumenier AXII Stubby 5.8GHz Antenna and TBS CRSF Nano receiver. Flashed Furious FPV PIGGY OSD (MinimOSD) with KISS OSD V2.5.1 (awolf78 KISS_OSD) firmware for better compatibility.

Some flights footage:



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Atlas   Oct 23, 2018  

Nice and clean job, love it!
Got the exact same frame while having similar issues regarding the lack of space.

Would love to know how do you mount the battery (top / bottom) and how do you avoid the leash from touching the electronics.


TheMrJahn   Oct 23, 2018 

I mount batteries on bottom, there is enough space between bottom plate and esc for battery strap....

Atlas   Oct 27, 2018 

Thanks! :)

AdiiiQ   Aug 14, 2018  

Hey, very nice build ;)
What is the flight time and on which battery?
How much space is there for fc, etc. from top plate to bottom plate/arm...?

TheMrJahn   Aug 14, 2018 

Tnx! I didn't test this drone in a field so far - it's too hot outside...
There are not much space in this frame - from top to bottom is 2 cm height for electronics

TheMrJahn   Aug 25, 2018 

I usually use Tattu R-Line 1550mAh 4s 95c Lipos. Flight time is about 3-4 minutes aggressive freestyle flying.

dsk   Aug 07, 2018  

Hey bud, love your build!

Which frame size did you choose? 195/22/250/275?

TheMrJahn   Aug 07, 2018 

Tnx! This frame - 220, just for 5 inch props.

dsk   Aug 07, 2018 

gotcha, thanks! :)

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