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By le_vinsky on Aug 02, 2018

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Whooping around the house is what kept me relatively sane during dark, cold, short days of winter 2018. I was smashing and bashing my tiny aparment with appropriately sized KingKong Tiny 7. Building a brushless "whoop" class quad with potentially more power and more precise control was a natural progression. Finding time to build it wasn't easy, but it's completed at last. I'm ready for the winter.

T4bee frame

It's hard to find frames for 070X motor mounting holes pattern. Luckily T4bee Design has a wide range of super micro frames at Armattan Productions. Mine is 68mm Micro frame. Quality is amazing and it weighs next to nothing.

AIO micro cam @45° on 16mm stack

I don't like most of available camera mounts. I mean ones that you put at the top of the stack and slide the cam into. They don't offer sufficient protection and they just don't look good. So I had to design my own cam holder. It's made of two pieces of high impact polistyrene bent into shape using hot air, with holes drilled for screws, antennas, cam button and plug. For extra style I added a sticker cut from a piece of electrical tape:) I did not have time to fly a lot, but so far it survived a couple of crashes. I guess at 24 grams (plus battery) the quad doesn't have enough inertia to harm itself during a crash.
Camera itself is quite ok. I had to cut one of its connectors and solder wires to connect video in/out to FC. Now I have a nano quad with OSD, and that's great:) KingKong Tiny 7 did not have that.

0703 motors and 40mm props

12000KV 0703 Boldclash motors with 40mm KingKong props are ok but just a tiny bit too weak to my liking. So I'm ordering both bigger props (41mm four blade and 45mm triblade) and 15000KV motors. We'll see how it will perform with those. At the moment my flight times are just above 3 minutes on severely abused and slightly puffed 3.7V 450mAh Gaoneng batteries I got with KingKong.



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daichfpv   Oct 25, 2018  

this is awesome!

T3RR1BL3 1   Aug 23, 2018  

where did you get the canopy the camera sits in?

T3RR1BL3 1   Aug 23, 2018 

oops scratch that just read you made it!!! tidy work at such a size.

MaximusFPV   Aug 09, 2018  

Nice work, good to see someone else on a 40mm 070X train

le_vinsky   Aug 13, 2018 

Thanks! I'm tempted to try 0603 for an even lighter build:) But maybe, before trying every motor/prop/lipo cell count/mtm distance combination, I should actually try to tune what I build. As that is still something I have not tried. It's so arcane I can't grasp what do do, to do it right:)

Knucklehead   Aug 07, 2018  

That's a super cool micro you have there! Looks like it's from Star Wars or something. Impressive that it's only 24g - wow.

le_vinsky   Aug 08, 2018 

Thanks! Movies, games - I guess they are so ingrained that they may manifest their style even when we don't expect them to:)

i-man   Aug 05, 2018  

So beautiful work.
Need a dvr to see how it works.

le_vinsky   Aug 06, 2018 

Thank you:) Life has a nasty habit of making it difficult to find time for flying these days, but I'll try to record and post some dvr if i'll manage to find it.

sergetania   Aug 02, 2018  

Lovely 😍

Rc Exp   Aug 02, 2018  

I love the plastic sheet canopy

le_vinsky   Aug 02, 2018 

Thanks! I'm both surprised and a little proud of the result:)

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