Custom Deviled Egg

By Pete_A on Aug 05, 2018

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Learned how to fly on 2" 2S Micro PNP, but wanted something with a little more punch and better handling. Took the camera and VTX off the 2" build and put this little guy together. FlyEgg 130 kit with 2.5" props on 3S!
Also designed some 3D accessories to pimp it out. It's super punchy, handles great, and is super fun to fly anywhere! Its my little scout that I send out first at new places, before I jump into my 5". It's a Blast to fly!



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Leito_nK   6 days ago  

Nice build!
Can you show 3d models of mounts for camera and antena?

Pete_A   6 days ago 

The camera mount is from thingiverse. Here is the link.
The yellow piece is actually just a camera guard, because the runcam nano sticks out past the frame . I can upload the STL files of the camera guard and antenna mounts to thingiverse if u want them?

Leito_nK   2 days ago 

Yeah man, i'm going to build the same frame and i real need this gurads) Thanks

Whiffles   12 days ago  

Clean build and nice colors! How well does it fly?

Pete_A   12 days ago 

It flys great! Super punchy and rails corners! I fly it just as much as my 5" quad.

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