Karearea Talon PR

By Suteki on Aug 10, 2018

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The Karearea Talon has been my favourite frame for many months now and I've grown accustomed to the really high quality components (durability, fit and finish) so purchasing this was bit of a no brainer for me.

I've actually had it for a few weeks now but the first build I was using ZMX FinX23 2205 / 2600kv motors but I had always intended to run the Karearea TOA motors when they became available. Due to a delay in the motor release (the owner trying to source Japanese manufactured EZO bearings, not the bearings manufactured off shore) the initial build was more of a rush job than one I would normally do. The motors are now in and so I have done a more complete finalised build, however there will be some changes coming in the form of new FC and VTX and changing the vertical uprights for a 3D printed pod.

This is also kind of a first for these motors as they are untested, but given Karearea's propensity for perfection I decided these would be the motors I went for one this frame. They are certainly not cheap at $32USD each, but again, knowing how Karearea does things was a big influence in my decision to go with the TOAs. These are the 2306 / 2650kv GunMetal variant, but all TOA motors utilise a 4mm TC4 Titanium shaft, EZO 4x9x4 ABEC 7 Japanese bearings, 7075 Aluminium with hard anodising and a 0.1mm airgap.



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lebeg   Dec 06, 2018  

So how do these motors fly comparing to finx23? I am about to switch from finx23 to TOA 2306 :)

Suteki   Dec 06, 2018 

Major torque difference. You'll have to relearn throttle control

bonethruster FPV   Aug 14, 2018  

yeah i didnt even know karearea had their own motors and they look amazing, I really like how neatly wound they are and silver winding too no less (well built too after checking out their specs) $32 a pop tho they better look that good lol.....nice build

Suteki   Sep 11, 2018 

The finish on them is amazing, the later batch uses copper windings (better heat handling) but the bells are now entirely milled from a single piece of Aluminium 7075-T6. The craftmanship is superb

Also I know the motors are expensive, but they arent too much more than the high end T-motor equivalent and these motors also have oodles of power. Be curious to see when miniquadtestbench get their hands on

Lee E   Sep 11, 2018  

Nice looking frame. What's the height room for the stack?

Suteki   Sep 11, 2018 

Surprisingly tight, it looks like it sits higher than it does, but the top plates arent high at all, you can squeeze 3 regular layers in there.

I actually have a pod on it at the moment.

Nitrokillah   Sep 01, 2018  

OMG Those Motors Look sooo dam amazing ...

JohnnieRico   Aug 10, 2018  

good lord those are the prettiest motors I've seen. reminds me of my fpvaf 2307s but better and light

Suteki   Aug 11, 2018 

Got to fly them today on Dal 5046 Cyclones, heaps of grunt. I've having to relearn my throttle inputs

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