Mini Me ( Diatone GT-M3 Stretch )

By UnderDawg on Aug 25, 2018

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Every evil genius need it's little sidekick.

I realy do like the Diatone GT frames. I've even ordered the 2.5 to replace my Nemesis X that I broke. The only thing I dont like about the smaller frames is they use of M2 phillip-head screws. Seriously? Other than that the only other issue was I had to raise the stack and mount the VTX03 to the ESC to get everything to fit using the Hobbywing stack.

The dry weight of this build comes in at 140G's and is more efficient than any other 1407 build I've had to date. I was a little worried about the weight of the frame being durable, but so far it's been flying great and held up to the few crashes I've had.

I'll update after a few more packs and the TPU camera mount for the Hawkeye camera comes in.
Thanks for looking and I hope you like the build..



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Raw FPV   Oct 31, 2018  

Is that gopro mount on Thingiverse?

UnderDawg   Oct 31, 2018 

Hi. Sorry, but I bought both the mounts.

Raw FPV   Nov 01, 2018 

can u share the link to where u got them ?

FissionBomb   Aug 27, 2018  

Loving the colors on this one. I have something very similar in the works in regard to power and size. Hoping I don't pop things with such powerful motors.

UnderDawg   Aug 27, 2018 

Thanks! I'm really liking this one myself. It's about 40g's lighter than any other 1407, 3'' build I have and it shows it in flight times and power.

FissionBomb   Aug 28, 2018 

What times are you getting? My Atom 1407 build is getting 6 minutes on a 1000mah but the flight is pretty tame.

UnderDawg   Aug 29, 2018 

On my last outing I was getting around 5 min on an 850 mah, but I really wasn't pushing it. I get about 2.5 min on my Cerberus when pushed hard..

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