Silver Bando Slayer

By Sasquads on Aug 22, 2018

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I wanted to build a freestyle 3" quad with a top mounted battery. There is no 3" Chameleon frame available, so I got the Lisamrc LS - X140 frame, put a set of Emax 1106 - 4500 Kv on it and boy it is a rocket.
Because plain carbon is dull, I customized it a little.
When test flying it in the house, I found out the motor protectors don't supply enough air flow to cool the motors, so I had to take them off.
Makes you wonder why they even sell those.
It has absurd power on 4s, maybe a little too much, but it flies like a dream.
Packed with a SQ 12 camera and ready to freestyle with this beauty.



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StickyRice   Nov 29, 2018  

hey one thing i found is that when albert kim did a review on the frame, he was concerned about the screw holes for the side plates on the bottom plate cause it was soo thin....has yours break from a bad crash?

Sasquads   Nov 29, 2018 

Mine is still intact, the thing is so light, so it's hard to break.

StickyRice   Nov 28, 2018  

do those motors get hot?

Sasquads   Nov 28, 2018 

they are superfast

StickyRice   Nov 28, 2018  

Whats your flight time? Im also wondering if you can put escs on the arms? can you measure the arm's width?

Sasquads   Nov 28, 2018 

8mm width.
Flightime is 4:30 on 450 mah 4s

VazUbik   Aug 24, 2018  

Nice build, check those 3 inch BQE frames. I got the SX3u and it's fast as hell, top or buttom mount. And can even carry a gopro session.

Sasquads   Aug 24, 2018 

I checked them, but how serious should I take them if they don't take the effort to weigh the frame and put that on their site?
And usually it's the motors that make it fast, not the frame.
I just can't stand it if they don't supply a weight of a frame. For me that is a huge argument to get it or not.
But they look cool.
Thx for the tip

VazUbik   Aug 24, 2018 

From the website on the "Additional information" Tab: Weight 50 g :)
Carbon is rocksolid, 4mm base, 3d parts included and even got some grinding stone in the package to smoothen the edges. And of cause the motors makes the speed, but i meant more the 'speeedy' handling.

Sasquads   Aug 24, 2018 

50 gram, that's heavy. But for freestyle that seems to be normal.
They look great, smooth carbon.
The frame I used has weak mounting holes. Albert Kim did a review.
I found out after I ordered. But it looks cool.

Frenchie   Aug 23, 2018  

Armattan actually has a 3" and 4" Rooster/Chameleon Ti that should be coming out pretty soon.

Sasquads   Aug 23, 2018 

I didn't know that. Cool

Jerryvox   Aug 23, 2018  

Nice bild !

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