By IvanNik on Sep 01, 2018

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Abezethibou, or Abezethibod, is a demon and fallen angel

Weight: 217g (409g with 1550mah battery)
See also creator's page: https://rotorbuilds.com/build/13171



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Slarrty   Sep 02, 2018  

I am about to do a build on that same frame. How does it feel to fly?

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Slarrty   Sep 05, 2018 

Did you ever get a chance to fly it? would really like to hear how it went

QuadStar Drones   Sep 06, 2018 

I can at least give a status on this: I have people that love the frame, but also others that broke arms right away - It’s an evolutionary process and so far there are a couple issues:

  1. I noticed that some of the CF is breaking a lot easier than other pieces. Last week I broke the last of my prototype arms, which are virtually identical to the production ones, but once I started using the arms from the production batch, the arms broke a lot easier. Since I am riding on a fine line, I’m going to have to set up a testing method to be sure each batch of production parts I get compares to batch of parts I tested.

  2. Although I have a warning about PIDs (in large bold lettering) on the assembly download page, I will have to include a hard copy of this warning in the kits. The PIDS should be set in the low 20s for P, 18-20 for I, and 4 for D. The low MOI and aligned CG/CT makes the frame super sensitive to PIDs. If starting off too high (I know there is a phrase for this phenomenon) the quad vibrates and uncontrollably gains altitude – then the only hope is to disarm and freefall to the ground.

I am still waiting on another order of arms, otherwise IvanNik would’ve already had new ones (for free). If anybody has problems like this, I’ll be more than happy to send new parts. Surprisingly, everything else holds together very well – I have had some really rough crashes (including hitting a cargo container and plowing into the ground at 125mph which is pictured below) and never broke any electronics, damaged the battery, or have the camera rip/fly off (had it caked up with dirt and grass tho). I’m not restocking the frame since I redesigned the arms and waiting on the prototype – I won’t release another frame until it is solid.

IvanNik   Sep 06, 2018 

I have no video or addition details so far.. I'm waiting arms after first expected incident.. Thank you Ryan.

delta_fpv   Sep 05, 2018  

why the massive battery?? wouldnt this build be suitable for a lightweight 5s like a 100mah 5s?

IvanNik   Sep 06, 2018 

Frame is ready for 1300mah - 15000mah 4s. Yes you may fit smaller 5 or 6s..

dafunk   Sep 04, 2018  

Amazing frame... it should take off like a rocket !!

ledimestari   Sep 03, 2018  

Always landing on your fc seems kind of bad idea. Also your camera is held on by bungee? doesn't it get knocked off really easily?

e_z_chee_z   Sep 03, 2018 

this frame is ment for a very specific purpose. he wont be dont any freestyle where he's gonna be landing rough

StickyRice   Sep 02, 2018  

OMG IVE HEARD ABOUT THISS!! I hope you post a video soon!! looks sooo sweet bruhh

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