Shendrones 3D Shrieker

By Clintnation on Sep 02, 2018

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Shendrones at it again with this 3" 3D Shrieker. Super fancy ninja star shaped carbon plate, with camera mount, tail, and motor arm guards 3D printed in TPU directly onto the frame. When I saw it I had to build one.

This frame does not normally carry a GoPro (evidence of this is Andy telling me he thought the pic was Photoshop.) But as soon as I finished the build, and test hovered, it was so light, that I had to design one to try out. She flies amazing on 5S and can definitely handle the weight of the 850mah RotorX pack, but really shines on the smaller 450mah.

Printed with Purple Ninjaflex, if I did it all again, I would use Semi-Flex or something a bit more rigid only because at spots I get a bit of jello in the FPV feed. I put a small foam block under the camera and it removed almost all of it. This jello does not translate to my GoPro mount, footage on that is extremely smooth and solid. So it seems like the FPV mount (printed from Ninjaflex) is just a bit too rubbery by itself.

All in all very pleased with this little ripper!



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Rc Exp   Sep 13, 2018  

what do you mean printed ON the frame???wtf how, do you pause the build and place the carbon on it?

Clintnation   Sep 13, 2018 

Check out Andy Shen's writeup on it. Just pause the printer at the appropriate height like 4mm, then insert the carbon, click resume.
I did hold it down with a pair of tweezers for the first layer or so, just to make sure the head could pass over unobstructed.

Rc Exp   Sep 13, 2018 

thanks! cool idea!

TeamWolfFPV   Sep 12, 2018  

Would love to see video of this beast running with the GoPro!

Clintnation   Sep 13, 2018 

Maidened it a few months back

Made a few adjustments since this, and updated to Betaflight 3.5. Added a bit of a throttle boost because the GoPro adds a chunk of weight.

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