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By wackfpv on Oct 23, 2018

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I didn't install a cap on the xrotor esc. Also 14 awg wire was used on the xt60 cable. Since this is a 4S build. I had problems with the new FL1 firmware and went back to "FL1_Revolt_1.2.46.bin".

Opened blheli32 and changed PMW freqency to 48hz (didn't reverse motor direction in blheli32)
I ran motor setup in FL1 to spin the motors instead of using blheli32
Reran the fc setup again and changed to racing, removing freestyle help with smooth stick inputs.
Used skitzos pids and tpa shown in wild willys quopa video (and in pictures)
Used low filtering instead of medium that was shown in said video (since predictive only works on 32hz)
Changed CG Adjustment from 95 to 90
Lowered kD limit from 0.99 to 0.35
Lowered kI limit from 0.45 to 0.15
Tried to changed deadband to 0.015 (but when it saved, it changes to 0.01)
Scroll down to D filtering and find the kD Filtering and change from 70 to 65
Choosed skitzo rates
Click save
Charge up, pack up, set up, fly

Improve Later
Run blackbox and set notch filters.

The only thing I did was compile this into one place. I take no credit for this.



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OutlawFPV   Jan 21, 2019  

Whats up man, I built the exact same set up. only difference is I did not change anything in blheli32 (PWM). Everything calibrated fine without props and all of my solder joints and screws were on point. Once i put the props on, I had one motor stuttering so swapped leads with another motor, same thing with the new motor on that same esc output. checked continuity on the esc and it seems to have a short on only one phase of one motor. how often are escs faulty?

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OutlawFPV   Jan 29, 2019 

Yeah I got it flying but switched motor direction by resoldering wires leads. under set up it still doesntchange after i reverse all motor directions and there isnt anywhere to switch one motors direction on RF1

OutlawFPV   Jan 29, 2019 

Also It flew great for one full battery and then the next flight after 7 min, all motors stopped in air. i still had fpv but it fell to the ground

wackfpv   Jan 29, 2019 

The setting is towards the end when doing a motor calibration that's inside of the setup tab. Bro, why you have so many problems :( this was legit plug and fly for me... Also, 7 minutes sounds a little over excessive. What was the cells voltages? I sent you a message, check your messges.

Showusflight   Oct 23, 2018  

By far one of the most exspesive builds i've seen here as a freestyle, got ant fight videos? Looks great.

wackfpv   Oct 24, 2018 

Ya, that's how you know it's not junk. I'm still waiting for the Sktizo FC, if you would take the effort and read what i've posted.

wackfpv   Nov 22, 2018 

Here troll

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