6s Rocket

By Sconeboy on Sep 05, 2018

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I originally wanted to try the ARX-IR for a lightweight racer, but I may just keep it setup as a dragster. After I got a decent tune on it I realized how fast it was and threw some 5152 bi-blade props on it and I just couldn't believe it's speed and acceleration. I have a couple 6s Mericas and they feel so slow in comparison. I plan on flipping the motors around like a more traditional racing quad just to see how it flies. I would also like to try some higher kV motors, but the manual for the stack says not to use any motors above 1700kV. I assume this is related to current draw, as it is the quad draws ~42A in a punchout but it drops quickly as the props unload. I have a set of Hyperlite 2207 1922kV motors that I really want to try on it.

Overall I really like this frame, but it is a daunting task to build compared to anything else I've built. Most of the pieces interlock together and are then secured by four bolts in the center of the frame. I was skeptical at first but once it's all put together it is rock solid. I have a feeling changing arms will be a chore, but I haven't broken one yet. The battery mounting o-rings are more then sufficient to hold the battery and balance lead in place but they are a pain until you get used to them. They are convenient for holding the balance lead out of the way, and they send you a spare set with the frame. Unfortunately I was only able to use three standoffs as the back of the ESC gets in the way, and the USB port on the FC is blocked by the standoff on the opposite side. If I build another one of these I will probably try full sized components.



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QuadStar Drones   Sep 06, 2018  

Your honest review is worth GOLD, and I will be honest too: the arms are a pain to change on this frame and I actually put my inventory to 0 since I don't want to sell a frame that has fragile arms that are a pain to replace. I made a super easy modification that makes the arms super easy to change - strength appears good, but need to test it in real life. If it works, I'll let you know how to modify it. The blocked USB port: it must've been one of the first I sold since I saw this too and ended up drilling more mounting holes so the FC sits the right way. Other things I don't like: the o-rings are a bit sloppy compared the ARX-5R and better attention couldve been paid to electronics mounting. Lessons learned and I already have an improved prototype I'm waiting to have made.
Thanks for the honesty and let me know if you have any issues.

Sconeboy   Sep 06, 2018 

Thanks for making this frame! No frame is perfect, but overall I do really like it. This quad is incredibly fast and agile. Having another set of 20x20 holes on the bottom plate would be nice but the problem I had was the size of the stack I chose. The mini magnum 2's ESC is oversized. The usb port being blocked is just a minor inconvenience. It is very easy to remove that single standoff and thanks to Betaflight's OSD I dont need to connect it often. As for the changing the arms, oh well. If that is the price I have to pay for ludicrous speed so be it!

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