Spidy Floss v2.1 Rebuild

By 22b on Sep 11, 2018

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Had to rebuild my racer, since I was having desyncs on the Aikon ESC, upgraded the FPV Cam and RX to CRSF then replaced the top plate with a canopy. Really enjoying how it flies now, very powerful.

Previous build: https://rotorbuilds.com/build/10884



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Avolate   Sep 21, 2018  

The Puda floss TPU canopy is kinda soft and squishy. I heard that the frame might bend if you use it. They sell a stiffer nylon one for the Floss 2.

22b   Sep 29, 2018 

yep, its soft, but the frame doesnt bend though probably because im using the 2.1 base and arms.

Airmaxx23   Sep 12, 2018  

which arm guards did you use? I'm just curious if they're the ones i posted on Thingiverse.

22b   Sep 12, 2018 

Yes, that's the one you made. Thanks for sharing! Easy and perfect fit.

Airmaxx23   Sep 12, 2018 

Thank you, I'm glad you like them.

FranchiFPV   Sep 11, 2018  

your canopy is so nice! how you do?

22b   Sep 11, 2018 

really liking it, it weighs 15 grams, from the texture i believe its molded not 3d printed.

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