Smooth Op.

By alphac3 on Sep 16, 2018

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Smooth Operator frame from Catalyst Machine Works! Great frame and easy to put together if you watch the build video on the catalyst machine works website.



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atlassidereal   Sep 26, 2018  

This looks absolutely superb :D

run 3

Jodie Froster   Sep 19, 2018  

Interesting! I like the subtle style of the stickers, and the choice of 5s intrigues me. Where did you get those props, they are the only tri-bladed 5" props i've seen without a seperate shape for the hub, I like the way the blades go all the way to the prop nut

alphac3   Sep 19, 2018 

those props are gemfan 5050BN. I liked the stickers because it was different and the irradescense caught my eye m (they are quite tough i believe made out if vinyl).

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