This Japalura Has Brains

By RENOV8R on Sep 18, 2018

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I wanted to build a 3" Jappy with a full-sized flight controller as it has a surprising amount of room under the hood. The stack is a BrainFPV Power Board, Radix flight controller, topped off with an AKK FX2. The Cobra Championship motors and RR Edition Swift 2 really set off the silver frame. It's never going to have the agility of say a Catalyst Superlight, but it's a blast to fly and pretty well indestructable



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Sync FPV   Sep 25, 2018  

great build! I'm waiting on partds for a japalura with basically the exact setup (motors/esc's/battery) slightly different FC and vtx, but I'm super happy to see the combo I'm waiting for flies well :)

pseudonautics   Sep 18, 2018  

How did you secure your R-XSR? I'm having trouble locating a space other than on the underside of the top plate.

RENOV8R   Sep 18, 2018 

I've just got it attached to vtx on top of the stack with 2-sided 3M tape. I don't know if the tape actually sticks very well as the vtx gets pretty warm, but there's not much room between the R-XSR and the top plate, it isn't going anywhere

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