Acrobrat .... How about the Nitrognat?

By TheDronanaut on Sep 18, 2018

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So, i've been looking for a new 3" build and the Acrobrat seemed to fit the bill. Why not?

The hatchback plate, internal buzzer mount and internal cap mount are my design. Hatchback holds XT60, AXII, and a tail which you can "clamshell" an Immortal T antenna. It uses coarse 1.6MMx9MM screws.




Flight video:




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Ignator   5 mins ago  

one of the coolest looking builds ive seen so far
im watching this page so often

aksthakor   Nov 10, 2019  

Do you have a hot motor issue with this stack, i have that issues, tried lot of different props and pids but no success, can you please help, or post your pid setting, i am using same setup just motors are different

Danbooj   May 12, 2019  

Love the color scheme looks A1 how are those motors ive heard they have some durability issues do they hold up in a crash? also does that setup fly like a 5inch?

TheDronanaut   May 13, 2019 

Thanks for the kind words @danbooj. Motors are fair. I did have to replace one with a tree strike. But I hit it pretty hard. It flys fairly well, however the flight times suffer cause of the AUW weight. It's a flying rock with all the TPU :)


Danbooj   May 13, 2019 

Thanks for the info; Im looking at the micro reverb frame from impulse rc and I want to build a 3 inch that flies smooth and has lots of speed should I go with 13xx or 14xx motors?

TheDronanaut   May 14, 2019 

Ohhh that's a tough one. Something like that I would say is personal preference. Thrust to weight is what you wanna look at. It all depends on how heavy the bird is, how much torque you want, and flight time.

Good luck!

powlikethat   Feb 02, 2019  

how are you able to soft mount the stack? it looks like there is a pin connector for the fc to esc? Wouldnt the soft mounting increase the height too far for the pins to fully engage?

TheDronanaut   Feb 25, 2019 

Sorry I missed your message! The stack soft mounts with grommets at the bottom of the frame. That's the design of the Acrobrat. The stack and lower half is isolated from the upper and the cams.

Flip_FPV   Sep 18, 2018  

Damn, that's gorgeous! The details are insane. I'd be afraid to fly it and get it dirty - lol.

TheDronanaut   Sep 18, 2018 

Thanks man! It's all about that incentive to not get it dirty :)

Jdub   Dec 24, 2018 

das bs..... dirt adds character😝

daniel482   Dec 17, 2018  

how much amps are you pulling, cos do you reckon you could use the 4in1 28a esc from hglrc?

TheDronanaut   Oct 17, 2018  

Hey man! Thanks for the kind words! I like the look of shrink tube. I've purchased this brand for the last few years now:

Enjoy and stay tuned! Got my favorite 3" build coming!


TeamWolfFPV   Oct 16, 2018  

Super clean build, fun color choices. Love the hatchback mount, thanks for sharing on Thingiverse. Is the yellow in the photos tape or shrink wrap?

RZFPV   Sep 18, 2018  

auw weight?

TheDronanaut   Sep 18, 2018 


TheDronanaut   Sep 18, 2018 

329g with the CNHL 850 4s packs.

bitsinmyblood   Oct 06, 2018 

So, is the limit for FFA registration still 1/2 lb ? If so, this is barely legal w/ no registration? I'm building an Acrobrat right now, but your build is top notch... WOW!

ghostface   Sep 27, 2018  

Super sexy!

DPJ   Sep 19, 2018  

This looks absolutely superb :D

TheDronanaut   Sep 19, 2018 

DPJ Thanks! ... "May you live to be a thousand years old ... " :)

DPJ   Sep 19, 2018 

God please no!! I'm 44 now and feel like i'm 95 most days, thanks to 26 years riding BMX hahahha :D

TheDronanaut   Sep 19, 2018 

My body is 35 but my brain is 15 :)

Currently   Sep 18, 2018  

Yes please post!

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