Xeno 3 👾

By sergetania on Sep 26, 2018

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Trying to build something in between the Acrobrat and Massive Droner, two of my recent favorite fliers. It turned out a bit too chunky at 146g but I am prepared to upgrade the motors if not happy with performance.



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Sasquads   Sep 28, 2018  

Got inspired by me?
Nice work

sergetania   Sep 28, 2018 

Yes, master!

jvphotog   Sep 26, 2018  

Nice! How does it fly??

sergetania   Sep 26, 2018 

Effortlessly. Better than I expected. Much more power then the massive droner and not as loud and big as the brat though not as stable. Very happy with it.

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6 days ago

The iFlight XL5 V3 is a fantastic freestyle frame for the price. It features chamfered edges on some very nice quality carbon fiber. My goal for this build was to use high quality components at a relatively low price. Not only that, but I managed to reduce the number of solder points to the bare minimum. I've never built such a plug-in-play quad! The flight controller has an integrated VTX and doesn't..

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Nov 16, 2018

Update! Happymodel has released a new V2 Frame which uses a more durable plastic. The Happymodel Mobula7 is one of those rare treats to hit the micro scene. Countless models hit the market every month, but this one just happens to check all the boxes. It's a 2S brushless micro with a 75mm motor stance. It's slightly larger than the more traditional 65mm brushed micros, but it's still quite small...

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