TAZ Xhover Win 3

By Denzo on Sep 25, 2018

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I had a fantastic time bulding this little ripper. The XHover Win3 frame is a thing of beauty. Chamfered edges on the carbon, and a nice fit all around.

I feel like the HGLRC stack is just plain cheating. Adding motors and components seems too easy. It's by far the cleanest of the 12 builds I've put together. I addad a little blob of dialectric compound where the pins from the FC push into the all in one esc port. I just figured it couldn't hurt. I had a connection problem with an Emax stack once, so now I'm gun shy. I will say as of yet this stack has been flawless.

I Built two of these, pretty much identical. I'm not a huge fan of the VTX that comes with it. The Runcam VTX has been fine so far.

I installed a DVR from Runcam as well. The video quality is just not there. It's not the fault of their product, it's just not HD. With that said, if you want DVR, then by all means get one. It fits in the build. And now that I've typed that, I'm wondering if the Split woud fit as well? I'll be looking into that.

I used the micro swift for a camera after the HGLRC one died. You can't go wrong with Runcam. But I am trying out a Caddix turbo that everyone raves about.

The Pulse batteries are great. I get about 3.5 minutes of pretty hard flying most of the time. The 850 is a nice size, although I'll run some smaller 3s packs to extend my outing most times. I get less punch with the 3s of course, but it still is a riot to fly on them.

Tmotor,, these were my first experience with them. I'm an instant fan. for the size of these little devils it's amazing how powerful this thing is. I'm a red bottom guy. they're on a few of my quads, proudly. But, there may be something to say about stepping up a notch or two?

The Irangex sattelite I used was small, and on my bench. The range is horrible, it will be replaced by a Spektrum sat of some kind soon. About 100 yards is all you can expect from this receiver. The SPM4648 would be immensely better. I'm probably going with that, or the telemetry receiver of the same size.

WOOPWEEP, a guy I fly with turned me on to the Gemfan Flash props. They are just great! I have used some that I liked better. But since I'm still flying these i guess I wasn't converted completely.

I had to put one Tiny LED on an arm, just because. I guess if I lose it at night I'll be real glad i did.

In closing I'd just say watch the screw length going in the motors. I really can't remember if I switched them out for different ones than came in the motor pack. I did use the 1000uF cap that came with the FC.

This is a first attempt to share what I've built. I hope that it will be helpful to someone!




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