Iflight BattleAxe 5" freestyle rig

By Terribledm on Jun 26, 2019

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Iflight Lawson Battle Axe 5"
Armattan Titan 2306 2450kv
DalRC engine 4-1 esc
DalRC f405 flight controller
FRsky Xsr Rx
Foxeer Falkor 1.8 camera
Menace RC Raptor rhcp antenna
Dalprop 5040c
Again huge thanks to @BIRUTAFPV for the assistance and knowledge in building this beast!

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The frame came complete with instructions, battery straps and a tpu Rx and vtx antenna mount! Right out of the box the frame's quality is quickly noticeable from first touch.

The way the frame is designed I had the option to run (Traditional) style like the chameleon, or I can flip the camera mount in the frame build process to run an under mounted stack like the Ummagawd Remix frame

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Decided to build this one the Traditional way.
[when I build the identical 2nd rig I will run it the other way for comparison.]
DalRC Engine to 4 Armattam Titan 2306 2450kv motors.

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The flight controller pins directly to the Esc, which makes soldering minimal. The RDQ Mach 2 vtx, Frsky Xsr receiver, and the Foxeer Falkor camera were all that needed to be soldered onto the Flight Controller
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FuzzyLizard   Aug 05, 2019  

Hey, Im very interested in this build, and I would like to know how to build this. I would like to build it for the DJI Digital FPV System. Any ideas? Thanks!

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FuzzyLizard   Aug 09, 2019 

I have never built a drone, thats why I need help XD

Terribledm   Aug 09, 2019 

haha for sure. well i suggest watching a few Joshua Bardwell videos on soldering and building a drone. This is definitely the setup to build for a first timer. minimal soldering and very simple.

FuzzyLizard   Aug 13, 2019 

Thank you. Ill go check him out :)

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