Newbeedrone (Tiny Whoop)

By theFPVgeek on Oct 01, 2018

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Just your run of the mill "Tiny Whoop"

Part List


Colored Cockroach Super-Durable Frame (10 builds)

Flight Controller

BeeBrain V2 Micro FPV Flight Controller Set


BDR BLACK Edition - 6mm Brushed Motor (6 builds)
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redpepper007   Oct 22, 2018  

if you mount the camera on the bottom and battery on top, you wont see propellers in the FPV video feed :) that's what I did on mine!

theFPVgeek   Oct 23, 2018 

really??? I need to try that

redpepper007   Oct 24, 2018 

yeah, look at my build for an example. Quad also becomes a lot slimmer

QuadConnect   Oct 09, 2018  

Why build a brushed TW when you could build a brushless one?

theFPVgeek   Oct 23, 2018 

When I bought this no good brushless was available

AndrewWharton   Oct 23, 2018  

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28 days ago

Update! Happymodel has released a new V2 Frame which uses a more durable plastic. The Happymodel Mobula7 is one of those rare treats to hit the micro scene. Countless models hit the market every month, but this one just happens to check all the boxes. It's a 2S brushless micro with a 75mm motor stance. It's slightly larger than the more traditional 65mm brushed micros, but it's still quite small...

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Nov 13, 2018

The Flysky Nirvana is a very cool radio. It has two enlongated grips, a color touchscreen, module support, rear switches, an internal charger, and a retractable antenna. When you see it you either hate it or love it. From the tall display to the rainbow anodized look it's sure to catch some attention. Features Gamepad style design Hall sensor gimbals Internal AFHDS 2A transmitter 3.5in 320x480 color..

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