Ummagawd Acrobrat

By gulzaar on Oct 04, 2018

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Ever since I first saw the Acrobrat introductory video from Ummagawd, I was in love.

The Rotor Riot build video was also very helpful.

Before getting into build notes, a pitfall: If you use the gummies, the mounting holes are for smaller screws - if you have normal hardware you use on 5 inch quads, the bolts and nuts will be too big for this build. I had to use the extra hardware from the Runcam Split Mini in order to complete this build.

On the whole, this is a really well thought out frame and really fun to build. The motors are quite a distance away from the body so there is plenty of prop clearance everywhere, even with the antenna tubes sticking out as much as they do.

The feet make a good addition cosmetically as well as for landing - if you don't use the feet, the first part to touch the ground will be the flight controller stack bolts, which is not a great idea.

The mount at the back is also 3D printed, and the standoffs slide right into it with a little effort. It helps to keep the VTx and RX antennas nice and secure, as there is not much other place to run them/mount them.

In the build video, Tommy recommends mounting the cap on one of the arms, and zip-tying the XT60 to the side plate, which I've done. I like the location of the XT60 here, it's secure and will help keep the power lead from the battery going all over the place, too.

Since there are effectively 5 boards to mount(ESC, FC, Split Mini, VTx, and RX), it's quite a tight build once everything is in - but with a little planning, everything fit pretty well. The only thing I am concerned about is the ribbon cable, which is sensitive anyhow and I am not sure how well it will hold up to abuse.

AUW is 310 grams with props.

With 3030 x 3 RaceKraft props, these motors were nice and speedy but felt a slight bit underpowered. I think once my 3050 x 3 props come in it should be a lot better. On a stock tune, there was no jello whatsoever! Once the props were very beaten up, there was just a slight bit of jello, barely noticeable.



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sergetania   Oct 04, 2018  

310g with what battery?

gulzaar   Oct 04, 2018 

a local brand 4S 850

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