By recon on Nov 30, 2018

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This quad rips. Watch the latest where it is the chase cam.

Needed a freestyle drone for some dangerous missions. The Stingy V1 was hands down my favorite freestyle 5" frame. After I lost a few, it was time to build something fast as hell. Utilized the new 20x20 stack size on this frame with the HGLRC F440. Doubled down with the Multicopter Builders Primo 2207 2650kv. Not planning on using the 5150s, but they look great in photos so this is what she got.



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Notagolf   Mar 17, 2019  

How does the stack handle the

recon   Mar 18, 2019 

ended up giving the stack to a friend in need. just updated with the current componens. Helio Mini and the Aikon35A Pin32. a great combo that spin those motors just fine.

FrenchB   Nov 30, 2018  

Very nice build. Benson would approve of the immortal-T orientation

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Currently   Dec 04, 2018 

How come it isn't one vertical and one horizontal?

recon   Dec 04, 2018 

Thank you for the explanation, FrenchB.

Currently, what you are accustomed to seeing are two independent antennas, that work to find the best signal independently of each other. This is common on most 2.4ghz radio control receivers, like the FrSky XM, XSR, etc.

The TBS Crossfire & the FrSky M9, both 916mhz band systems, use only one single antenna to receive the radio control signal.

At the moment it accepted as best practice to orient the antenna at an angle that is straight up and down when your craft is moving in forward flight. Ideally you want the antenna to have separation from the battery, gopro, or frame. My second version of this mount will be going out the back of the frame.

Currently   Dec 09, 2018 

Ah, one antenna... Thanks for the detailed replies, gotta learn something new every day

Ely   Dec 01, 2018  

what are the props pictured? they defintely don't look like hqs

recon   Dec 01, 2018 

They're Racekraft 5150 props, they looked cooler for photos, haha.

RZFPV   Nov 30, 2018  

do you have the stl file for that antenna mount

recon   Nov 30, 2018 

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